March 31, 2012

Ladies and Gentlemen:

In this update: New website debut; spacer ring reinstalled; nickel and dimes; and temperature gauges checked; Valerie Thompson on ESPN and an update on Chris’ next Big Adventure.

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Long time sponsor, Signs By Tomorrow of Houston South has put together a fundraising campaign to help with the $50,000 in fees required by the Bureau of Land Management (BLM), and other expenses for this year’s speed tests and run for the record. Signs By Tomorrow of Houston South makes all those vinyl decals that grace the NAE. See the February 24th update for details. Please consider donating today and help us with our test session this early summer.

We would like to thank the following who have shown their support with our recent call to action:

Dave Green Thor Holden Tim Donahue
John Ritter Ray Buck CJ Cook
William Boelcke      
Curtis Boyer Idex Solutions
Rodger Sanford Brian Dean Larry Summers
Coreen Orten Rosco McGlashen

This Week’s Featured Sponsors:

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A good number of team members chose our dry Spanaway, WA hangar to get in out of the down pouring of rain today, including Sean Rondestvedt, Von Armstrong, Ed Shadle, Steve Wallace, Keith Zanghi, Brandyn Bayes, Rich Pengelley, Chris Hughes and lovely little daughter, Persia, John Drury, Larry Martinson and friend, Cameron Haight. Dustin Martinson dropped by later.

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Our young computer whiz, Brandyn Bayes, came well equipped, setting up his wireless laptop computer system and showing off the new look for the North American Eagle™ web page, . After some review with Ed, Keith and Von, he actually made the switch over from old to new at the hangar, putting it on line.  Our Facebook page has also been spruced up and the new NAE mobile app is operating.  Go to our Facebook page for more up-to-date information. 

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Some heavy work began this Saturday morning when Rich backed his pick-up next to the hangar door and delivered the support suspension ring.  The ring has been up in Canada at Eagle Machine, Inc. Owner and team sponsor Steve Green made some critical drilling modifications required to accommodate the new rear axle design. After some clean up and surface treatment,  the ring was once again lined up and bolted into place on the rear fuselage facing.

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Rich and Larry were busy crafting some patches (called Nickel and Dime) to cover up holes in the fuselage and wheel doors….all resulting from recent modifications.  Steve and Ed were in and out of the cockpit and aft engine bay in the ever daunting task of keeping electrical lines and circuits in proper working order.


Next week we will run power and check the Ecliptic Enterprises RocketCam™ cameras and start work on our front fairings.  Planning ahead, there will be some more tasks to be done before the engine can be re-installed. It is looking like that will happen two weeks from now.

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Chris’ Next Big Adventure

Chris missed today’s work session at the hanger. He sent us this photo just before he left.


NAE Mobile App Now Available

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NAE and Idex Solutions Team Up at COE

Once again Team NAE will be participating in COE.  This will be the fifth COE Annual PLM Conference & TechniFair the team has attended. COE has been bringing together the users of Dassault Systèmes PLM solutions for more than twenty five years.

COE (formerly the CATIA Operators Exchange) is the only international, professional organization uniting the users of Dassault Systèmes software solutions. With thousands of users in hundreds of member companies, representing the aerospace & defense; automotive & transportation; architecture, engineering & construction; energy & process; industrial equipment; consumer goods, consumer packaged goods; shipbuilding; financial & business services; high tech electronics; and life sciences industries, there is no better support community available.

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COE Orlando COE Seattle



Bernard Charlès, President & CEO with Philippe Forestier, EVP & Global Affairs & Communities

 Joining Ed and Keith will be newly announced Co-Driver of the North American Eagle™ Valerie Thompson. Please visit all three in the Idex Solutions booth.

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The Team at Idex Solutions has been working with the North American Eagle™ engineers since 2006 and is responsible for maintaining our Dassault Systèmes CATIA V5 licenses. We look forward to working with the team from Idex Solutions next month in Las Vegas.