March 30, 2012

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In this week’s update: Jeff Senour and the CTS Band join the North American Eagle™ team.


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Long time sponsor, Signs By Tomorrow of Houston South has put together a fundraising campaign to help with the $50,000 in fees required by the Bureau of Land Management (BLM), and other expenses for this year’s speed tests and run for the record. Signs By Tomorrow of Houston South makes all those vinyl decals that grace the NAE. See the February 24th update for details. Please consider donating today and help us with our test session this early summer.

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Jeff Senour and CTS Band

Team North American Eagle™ is pleased to announce a collaboration with Jeff Senour and his CTS Band. About a month ago we introduced you to Valerie Thompson who will drive the Eagle and break the world land speed record for women later this year. Although she lives in Scottsdale AZ, she is a home town girl from the Northwest having grown up in the Tacoma area.

She sent us an email one day describing a friend who provides the music for some of her videos. A few days later Jeff Senour called Steve Wallace and before you know it we find we have mutual friends on the project.

Keith Zanghi has said many times to the team never underestimate the person standing next to you. At first you could say Jeff is a really talented musician and guitar player. You might say his passion is music, but that is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the many talents of Jeff Senour.


Ever since its inception 10 years ago, rock band CTS has made a huge impact on many around the country with their edgy rock sound with lyrics that touch the heart. Fueled with a passion for music since childhood, singer/songwriter Jeff Senour formed CTS to inspire people of all ages to live their dreams. The musical journey of CTS has garnered the band numerous awards from album of the year and video of the year with Military Writers Society. From radio play on the top 100 charts with “Can’t Get Off This Train”, to letters from President Bush, CTS touches those of all ages to live life to the fullest and achieve your dreams whatever they might be.

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Now this is the part where we talk about never underestimating the person standing next to you.  It turns out, besides being an accomplished singer/songwriter,  Jeff is a pilot for Southwest Airlines!  And if that wasn’t enough,  we find that Jeff moonlights as one of Dan Wolfe’s pilots on his Lear 25 carrying the WolfeAir “Vectorvision” motion picture camera.  Jeff is a Hollywood Movie Film pilot with a long list of movie credits.  True Lies with Arnold Schwarzenegger…yup that was Jeff who flew the Lear 25 to film the movie.



From Hollywood movie film pilot to airline pilot and musician, Jeff is a true example of the American dream. The band has performed all over the country in various venues and opened for numerous National Artists. CTS performs a one of a kind show called “Freedom Rock Experience” that is a multi-media rock concert honoring the real American Hero from Military, Police, Firefighters and Teachers. The show also integrates high school musicians from around the country to perform with CTS to inspire our youth of today to live their dreams. Jeff has written scores for many of his songs and can go into a high school with music already prepared for the orchestra.

With movie credits such as “True Lies”, “Executive Decision”, “Hot Shots” and many more, the music of CTS is the melodic story of what we can all achieve in life if we try. CTS has performed for many well known organizations such as Snowball Express – honoring our widows and children who have lost a loved one in Military service, Patriot Guard Riders, Operation Homefront and many more.



This one of a kind rock concert written and produced by lead singer Jeff Senour of rock band CTS – Consider the Source, is a show designed to honor the real American hero and inspire our youth.  With over 70 high school musicians on stage with the band, the show takes you on a journey of life and the appreciation of how great a country we live in. Saying thanks to those who serve, Jeff and the band are on a mission to inspire our youth that with hard work any dream can come true.   The song “Quarter Mile” was written by Jeff to live your dreams.

When asked how he came up with the song Quarter Mile, he said he was talking to Valerie about her life and she said she takes life a quarter mile at a time.  He was so inspired that he wrote the song that talks about life and how every dream starts with one step. All good things in life take hard work to achieve and some cases the one step may be a quarter mile at a time. With a little hard work any dream can come true.



Take a look at some  stunning in air real life dog fighting aerial sequences filmed from Wolfe Air Lear 25 piloted by Jeff. Speed and Angels is a true life documentary about two young fighter pilots achieving their dreams to become F-14 pilots in the Navy. The film sequences were taken with a specialized camera system called, “Vectorvision” housed in the Learjet. While Jeff flies the aerial photo platform,  the cinematographer captures the stunning images from the back of the plane for an amazing film.

We are priviliged to be working with Jeff and the CTS Band.  Check out the band on their website at:


NAE and Idex Solutions Team Up at COE

Once again Team NAE will be participating in COE.  This will be the fifth COE Annual PLM Conference & TechniFair the team has attended. COE has been bringing together the users of Dassault Systèmes PLM solutions for more than twenty five years.

COE (formerly the CATIA Operators Exchange) is the only international, professional organization uniting the users of Dassault Systèmes software solutions. With thousands of users in hundreds of member companies, representing the aerospace & defense; automotive & transportation; architecture, engineering & construction; energy & process; industrial equipment; consumer goods, consumer packaged goods; shipbuilding; financial & business services; high tech electronics; and life sciences industries, there is no better support community available.

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COE Orlando COE Seattle



Bernard Charlès, President & CEO with Philippe Forestier, EVP & Global Affairs & Communities

Joining Ed and Keith will be newly announced Co-Driver of the North American Eagle™ Valerie Thompson. Please visit all three in the Idex Solutions booth.

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The Team at Idex Solutions has been working with the North American Eagle™ engineers since 2006 and is responsible for maintaining our Dassault Systèmes CATIA V5 licenses. We look forward to working with the team from Idex Solutions next month in Las Vegas.




Ever since it’s inception 10 years ago,