March 24, 2012

Ladies & Gentlemen,

This week in the hangar: Wiring work continues, stolen batteries are replaced, and rear axle work progresses.

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Some very nice weekend weather and some prior committments reduced our Team NAE work efforts way down this Saturday. Ed Shadle and Von Armstrong turned out early on and were joined a little later by Larry Martinson. Keith Zanghi, mentor to our high school team members, accompanied Chris Greene and Brandyn Bayes to the FIRST (For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology) regional finals in Seattle.  Look for an update later this week.
This Week’s Featured Sponsors:

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With the hundreds of feet of wire routes stretching throughout the 56 foot long North American EagleTM, it is little wonder that there comes a time for tracing particular wires to particular terminals; verifying circuit continuity and identifying problem connections. Today’s work was focused on just that.


Some welcome visitors dropped by our Spanaway hangar this morning. Kirk White and friend, Ray Petersen, drove up and unloaded four new heavy duty batteries, complete with strapping and connection cables. These replacements will take the sting out of the recent thefts from our semi truck. Kirk is the Washington state distributor for Interstate Batteries and has been a gracious sponsor of the battery power used throughout our landspeed project. Sponsors like Kirk are what keeps Team NAE on the record setting course.


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Steve Green at Eagle Machine, Inc is finishing up work on the rear axle modification components. They will soon be trucked on down from Canada by Rich Pengelley. Between now and our scheduled May static system tests, the team will be working towards putting the parts all back together, reinstalling the jet engine, and preparing for an ear splitting after burner session in Shelton. Welcome aboard, Valerie.