In this update: New information on the history of 56-0763 from Tony Landis; Rear Axle work continues; Programming nearly complete.

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Appearing and ready for hangar work this Saturday:  Ed Shadle, Keith Zanghi, Steve Wallace, Chriis Greene and Von Armstrong


 Chris and Keith continued fitting and drilling parts for the rear axle. The built up axle assembly is coming together nicely.

130302c 130302a

 Ed and Steve in high tech mode

Steve and Ed had the voltmeter out and tracing circuit power in the data acquisition compartment and to cockpit instruments.


New Photos from Tony Landis

HL-10 On Lakebed

HL-10 on Edwards AFB lake bed

HL-10 In Flight HL-10 On NB-52B

Our unofficial historian on the North American Eagle™ project is our good friend Tony Landis.  We first met Tony when he was working at NASA Dryden as a photographer.  When we first started he became interested in the original  tail number of the Eagle when it was flying as a F-104A.  Today Tony has his own website selling Flight Test Memorabilia.  Visit EdwardsFlightTest.comand take a look!

HL-10 Bill Dana Low Res

56-0763 pilot Bill Dana with the HL-10 at Edwards AFB

HL-10 Jerauld Gentry Low Res

56-0763 pilot Jerauld Gentry with the HL-10 at Edwards AFB

While researching for an upcoming book, Tony Landis noticed in the log books that legendary Test Pilot Bill Dana flew 56-0763 while on chase for the HL-10 Northrup Lifting Body. The log books showed that on June 21, 1968, William “Bill” Dana flew Chase 2 in 56-0763 for Major Jerauld R. Gentry, who was flying the HL-10 that day. Bill Dana also piloted the HL-10 and on February 27, 1970 flew to an altitude of 90,030 feet. He also piloted the X-15 to a height of 307,000 feet (59 miles).  Both pilots have been found in the log books for 56-0763, but this is the first time we have verified the Eagle was used in the lifting body flight test program.

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Eric Wittler With His Lenovo Laptop

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