In this update: Rear axle improvements; Porsche Club of America visits The North American Eagle™

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Another day at the hanger with Ed Shadle, Chris Greene, Sam Yellowbird and Keith Zanghi.  This weekend the team members were more like tour guides at Universal Studios; with a whole bunch of people stopping by to see the North American Eagle™


Porsche Club of America


Batwoman Takes Control of The Eagle?


Special guest at the hanger this week was Chris and Jessica Greene’s (Batwoman) cousin, Devon.

Nathan Ian

 Nathan and Ian


Craig McNamee, Nathan and Ian at the Controls

Bayes Family

The Bayes Family: Brandyn, Andrew, Wendy and Doug

Porsche Club of America visits the North American Eagle™

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The highlight of the weekend was a special visit from the Porsche Club of America.  The Pacific NW Region group, led by Ward Carter, came cruising into Shady Acres Airport in a procession that went for about a mile.  Over 45 beautiful Porsches arrived on the scene with a couple of riders each.


Porsche3 Porsche4
Porsche5 Porsche6
 Porsche7  Porsche8
 Porsche9  Porsche10
 Porsche12  Porsche1

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 Eric Wittler With His Lenovo Laptop

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