In this update: Steering functional tests and communications work this week

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Today Ed Shadle, Keith Zanghi, Les Holm, Lars Pedersen, Cory Mitchell, Von Armstrong, Steve Rima and Steve Wallace spent the Saturday getting the Eagle ready for an upcoming engine test.
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George Leone and his daughter Talia

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Team Member Eric McClain and his boss Eric stopped by

Our guests this weekend included North American Eagle™ Legal Counsel George Leone who came by the hangar to show his daughter Talia the car.  Talia lives in LA and is in the motion picture industry.  George’s law firm is Citadel Patent Law in Tacoma WA.  Team member Eric McClain brought his boss Eric to see the Eagle.  Eric (McLain) also drives the Swamp Witch Lakester at Bonneville.

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This week we did another functional test on the steering system and everyone declared success.  Somehow Lars pulled short straw and had the duty of bleeding the hydraulics.  In the old days the one performing the job ended up with an oil shower, but with new improvements hardly a drop is lost.

RS Hughes company from Seattle gave us a great deal on some anti-static discharge bags.  Cory was packing some of our electronic components this weekend in the new ESD bags.  Electronic components are subject to failure if they are not properly protected from static electricity.  RS Hughes serves all kinds of industries with quality industrial products.


 Steve Wallace simulates ground communication

Steve Rima and Steve Wallace tested the ground and data acquisition system.  Steve is building a 2nd Satellite Timing System that will be tested once again at this year’s Bonneville Speed Week.  When completed, the hardened case will be able to be placed in any vehicle and correlate speeds of hundreds of data entries every 0.020 inch out to 8 decimal places!  As work progresses we will highlight it here.


Sponsor Highlight – New Lenovo ThinkPad P50s


Last week we welcomed the new Lenovo Think Pad to the North American Eagle family of computers. Combining the power of a work station with the portability of an ultra book, it is the perfect combination.  With Power Bridge technology built-in, you can keep going all day without having to find a wall outlet.  Keep an eye out on our website and Social Media channels for more videos and reviews of the new ThinkPad P50s.  Learn more about the soon to be available machine by visiting Lenovo’s Website!

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