Today’s Update: Work continues toward completion of on-going projects

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This week’s crew:  Les Holm, Keith Zanghi, Von Armstrong, Zac Hopkins, Cam Shadle, Sean Rondestvedt, Patricia Wood, Jon Higley, Steve Wallace,  and David Martinson.  Working virtual this week was Brandyn Bayes and Chris Banks.

Jacob Arnold vacuuming the drill press and watching Grandpa Steve

Keith says “You’re going to do what?”

Eddie Harris painting of Carroll Shelby

Steve brought his grandson Jacob Arnold along today and the young man began by learning things about stuff;  first helping Keith do some work at the drill press.  Eddie Harris stopped by to give us some good news. Eddie is the artist who painted the Eagle livery on the side of the jet car.   This November you can watch the  Ford vs Ferrari Movie with Matt Damon in the starring role of Carroll Shelby.  When producers of the show found that Eddie Harris worked with Carroll Shelby, and had listened to his stories, they asked him if he would help out with promotional work!

David Martinson fusing metal

Welding complete!

Electrical ground stud

We had to pack up one of the parachutes to do a functional test

Keith Zanghi deburring the lap belt mount

Les fabricated a pass through plate for the lower anti-dive belts

Les installing the lower pass through plate

The seat is nearly ready to be installed with all upgrade improvements

Les and Keith continued to work on improvements on the driver seat and they kept David busy doing some fine welding on the brackets for the seat and on the parachute canisters.  Before going home we packed up one of the high-speed parachutes and launched it out of the new parachute canister: Success!

Steve Wallace checking some electrical circuits

Zac Hopkins cleaning the start cart cable

Steve spent the day tracing the electrical AC/DC circuits from the panel back to the start cart connection cable in the fuselage.  Zac helped him clean the 400 cycle plugs.

Zac Hopkins fueling the car

Zac and Patricia pumped another 50 gallons of fuel into the car in preparation for an upcoming engine test.

Sean Rondestvedt working in the Fire / Rescue Vehicle

Sean began organizing the shelves in the Fire/Rescue Vehicle.  In the upcoming week, The Truck Shop in Auburn will install a trailer hitch.

This week’s cover photo Copyright © 2016 Thomas “Pork Pie” Graf

Our favorite photo of Ed Shadle: 2003 Yakima Fair

Ed fought the law and the law won!

It was 2003 and we were trying to promote the car wherever possible.  Yakima, Washington, is located in the middle of the state and is home to the 2nd largest wine growing operation, behind NAPA valley, and is number one hop farmers (beer) in the United States.  We had no engine, but we did have a freshly painted car and the  Yakima Fair management team asked us to put the car in the show and they said they would pay us!

It was a lot of fun and we ate fair food every day for a week.  During the week one of Washington State’s finest was walking by and we asked if he wanted to have some fun and “pretend” he was giving Ed a speeding ticket.  We can’t remember the officer’s name but we want to thank him for giving us a memory of Ed that will last forever.

Ed received a speeding ticket at the 2003 Yakima Fair

Ed poses for a photo with a couple of fairgoers

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