Ladies and Gentlemen:

A big turn-out today as Team NAE put our big red North American Eagle™ through its paces, conducting a number of systems and equipment tests that proved to be very successful.  The team: Ed Shadle, Cam Shadle, Sean Rondestvedt, Keith Zanghi, Von Armstrong, John Winchester, Jon Higley, Bernard McVay, Steve Wallace, Libby Wallace, Chris Greene, Intern Laura Sawicki, Russ Garlow, Rex Walter, Ron Doll, John Drury, Rich Pengelley, Omar Chramosta.


Getting her first close up look at the jet car that will race for a world land speed record, is a record holding racer herself.  Leslie Porterfield visited the team today and got the tour that included some time in the  Eagle cockpit and a flight around the area in John Drury’s plane.  Leslie is widely known in the world of motorcycle speed.  She holds multiple speed records at Bonneville Salt Flats, including a top record speed run of 232.52 mph. That got her accepted by the Guinness Book of World Records as the fastest woman in the world on a motorcycle.  Way to go!  After today’s cockpit orientation, we think Leslie might like to open up the throttle of a jet car engine and see how the ride feels on five wheels instead of two.


Leslie Porterfield takes control of the Eagle.


up on the ramps
Leslie, Jon and John

With rear axle assemblies swapped out, the car saw some daylight today as it was pulled out of the hangar, up the recently modified loading ramp stand, and into the semi trailer. The test was how well it would travel up the much steeper angled ramps and into the trailer without having to remove the mid wheels.  The cable winch was tested with a strain gauge beforehand. Not a problem.  Up and over and in.

John & Chris

Also on the test list was parachute deployment.  John Winchester and Chris Greene rigged the canisters and the deployment bags were ejected nicely.

The start cart provided by our sponsors at American Valley Aviation cranked over right on cue and provided the air and electrical power necessary to turn over the 50,000+ horsepower jet engine. Communications between cockpit and ground crew were also tested today.

After many Saturdays of clouds, rain and cool temperatures, we enjoyed a sunshiny warm blue skied day with Mt. Rainier looming in the distance (Originally Mt Tahoma by the Native Americans).

victor aviation
Petersen Precision

News from our Palo Alto Test Facility – Victor Aviation

Meanwhile 600 miles south of the North American Eagle™ hangers, research continues on our rotating assemblies. Victor Aviation is leading this effort and this week we would like to show you some of the work being done by Petersen Precision of Redwood City, CA.  Photos show our front wheel and rear brake rotors on the Petersen Precision Zeiss Coordinate Measuring Machine.


Eugen Francu of Petersen Precision

Col Joe Kittinger Book

come up and get meFriend and consultant to the  North American Eagle™ Col Joe Kittinger’s book, Come Up and Get Me is now available in softcover from   The hardcover version is nearly sold out with copies going on Amazon for up to $158.00!  If you haven’t got your copy yet now would be the time while supplies last.  The softcover is now being sold, along with a Kindle version.

Ed, Joe, wife & Keith

Photos of 56-0763

763 w/ X-15

56-0763 flies chase position w/ the infamous X-15. Photo courtesy of Tony Landis.