In this update: History Channel; VIP Chase Vehicle; Paint; and more Buggy Whip(s)

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A large number of team members including Libby Wallace, Chris Banks, Brandyn Bayes, Lars Pedersen, Jon Higley, Les Holm, Trish Wood, Von Armstrong, David Martinson, Cory Mitchell, Keith Zanghi, John Drury, Steve Wallace, Steve Rima, and Omar Chramosta were on hand getting ready for the Big Go.  Working offsite this weekend was Eric Wittler and Ed Shadle.  Working virtual throughout most of the week was Brandyn Bayes and Chris Banks.

Tune into The History Channel, Wednesday, July 11th at 8/7 central

Coming up next week the North American Eagle® team, including Eric Wittler’s motorcycle land speed record attempt, will be featured in The History Channel Show: Speed Demons.  Watch the show on July 11th, at 8/7 central time.

Lars Pedersen drilling holes for Buggy Whip® mounts




Complete with ground lugs!

Les Holm, Andrew Kirk, Cory Mitchell and Lars Pedersen getting the Buggy Whip® LED Antennas installed

Steve Wallace, Steve Rima, and Les Holm mock up the Buggy Whip® mounts

For the past week, Lars has been busy building two steel mounts that will hold the Buggy Whip® LED Antennas on the car.  The idea is to test the highly visible LED antenna at high speeds in the upcoming session.  Using lathes and milling machines, Lars created the two mounts from solid steel round stock.  This weekend he mounted them on the car.  We’re really excited about testing these two antennas.  In addition, we will be placing 8 foot Buggy Whip® LED Antennas at our mile markers to help Ed and Jessi navigate the long course.


Von Armstrong and Keith Zanghi preparing the Eagle for some paint


Trish Wood and Keith build a ventilation system


Keith squirting our favorite red paint.  Trish and Keith masking.

This weekend was the time for some overdue touch-up painting. Everyone got involved as a lot of masking and paint preparation was in order. Luckily the solid Viper Red paint covers really well!  This is one of those jobs where preparation makes up about 95%  of the work.  After all the masking was removed, we couldn’t be happier with the results!

VIP Chase Vehicle


Drivers will now arrive in style when piloting the Eagle!

Meanwhile, way south of Parkland, just outside Reno NV, Eric Wittler was busy with some finishing touches on the new VIP North American Eagle® Limo!  From now on our drivers will be delivered and picked up in style!  We debuted the Limo at the inaugural El Mirage land speed meet in May.

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