In this update: Hot Rodders visit the Eagle; Hydraulic system checks go; and new parachute deployment bags

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Today Les Holm, Keith Zanghi, David Martinson, Steve Rima, Steve Wallace and Patricia Wood were on hand at the North American Eagle® hangar.  During the previous week Lars Pedersen and Von Armstrong were also working.  Eric Wittler was busy in the Nevada mountains picking up firewood.  Chris Banks and Brandyn Bayes were working virtual.

Gus Simonds

Keith, Josh, Denny, Les, Mike, Gus, and Jaymen

Today we had some custom car guys visit and we had a chance to give them a tour of the North American Eagle®  Friend of the Eagle, Denny Olson from Street Rods by Denny, a nationally recognized custom car builder in the Northwest, brought by a number of his customers to get a first hand tour of the Eagle hangar.  With the exception of the rear fairings, the Eagle was in full race trim sitting on the floor.  It is always an impressive sight when one walks through the doors and sees this giant car.

Mike Chaffeur

Denny Olson from Hot Rods by Denny

Hot Rods by Denny Shop Foreman Josh at the controls

This weekend we re-installed the hydraulic system that was removed a couple of weeks ago in order to gain access to the fuel system.  After re-filling the hydraulic tank we did a functional test on the magnetic brake and dive brake systems.  Steve Wallace and Steve Rima began putting together equipment in the shipping boxes.

Another project that is nearing completion is the manufacturing of four new parachute deployment bags.  Kyesun Zanghi will have four new bags completed by next week.  They are made of two layers of Cordura® 1000D material.  This product is the same material used by the front line soldiers in the military because it is rip and waterproof.

And finally, we did some more updates to the Fire / Rescue Vehicle.  Central Welding / Pacific Welding Supply is now supplying us with medical grade oxygen.  In addition, long time sponsor The Truck Shop in Auburn WA, installed a trailer hitch receiver and wiring.

Next week we will put the travel axle back on and prepare the car for loading on July 13th.

Lots of hydraulic work today

The remote hydraulic pack pressurizes the Eagle during tests

We removed the hydraulics bay panels so we could re-install the hydraulics

The Eagle was fully assembled, less the rear fairings, for a VIP tour

New parachute deployment bags debut

 New high-speed parachute deployment bag


Kyesun Zanghi sewing up some new parachute deployment bags

The new bags are made of Cordura® 1000D Material

The assister pockets help extract the parachute from the bag

All of the deployment bags are proudly made in America

The Fire / Rescue vehicle gets a tow package and an oxygen supply system

Central Welding and Pacific Welding is now providing medical oxygen

The Truck Shop in Auburn installed a trailer hitch on the Fire / Rescue Vehicle

Our Favorite Photo of Ed Shadle

A young looking Ed Shadle, April 26, 2003

He was 62 years old and in better shape than most people his age.  On this day Ed got to try out his new flight helmet.  He was looking sharp with a scarf from Ed Drumheller II.


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