In this update: Buggy Whip Mounts;  Speed Demons airs July 11th, 8/7 Central

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Today a small but dedicated group met once again at the North American Eagle® hangar to move forward on capturing the world land speed record.  Ed Shadle, Steve Wallace, Les Holm, Lars Pedersen, Omar Chramosta and Keith Zanghi spent a beautiful Saturday getting things ready for our upcoming test session.  Trish Wood was working virtual all weekend getting our ecommerce working on the website.

The History Channel: Speed Demons

Watch the show Wednesday July 11th at 8/7 central

Eric Wittler record attempt to be show on Speed Demons, July 11th 8/7 Central

We received word that the History Channel will air the show Speed Demons on Wednesday, July 11th at 8/7 Central time.  The North American Eagle® team and Eric Wittler’s motorcycle land speed record attempt are a part of the show.  Set your calendars now!

Cory plasma cuts a bracket mount for the new Buggy Whip® LED Antennas

Lars drilling new mounts for Buggy Whip® LED Antennas

When finished you will never know what it started out as

Lars tapping threads into the Buggy Whip® LED Antennae Mounts

This weekend Steve Wallace stayed out of the limelight and the Eagle cameras as he spent most of the time in the Communications Van, putting in a new vinyl floor in the bathroom!  Next week it should be complete and we’ll have some photos then. The Comm Van is an integral part of the project where 3 million signals per second are coming in from the Eagle, along with communications from Aircraft and on the ground.

Lars, Les, and Cory were busy building brackets that will become mounts for a couple of 4 foot long LED Antennae from Buggy Whip®    They will be exposed to some 300 mph speeds; some real harsh testing.  Should make for a dramatic dusk afterburner run!  Ed and Keith were busy installing new decals for  Geomagic, Capture 3D, and Citadel Patent Law.

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ss turbine decal

45,500 Horsepower from S&S Turbine Services, Ltd

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