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Today Les Holm, Von Armstrong, Lars Pedersen, David Martinson, Zac Hopkins, Keith Zanghi, Patricia Wood, Steve Wallace, and Steve Rima checked in at the hangars of the North American Eagle®

Lars Pedersen carefully measures the fuel filter bracket with a micrometer

Les Holm holds the main fuel line with brand new o-rings ready to install

Zac Hopkins cleans the surface of the hydraulic tank prior to assembly

David Martinson modifies the stainless steel fuel line

Les Holm and Steve Wallace

During this past week Les, Keith, Lars, and Von spent long days at the hangar working deep into the depths of the Eagle fuselage.  After most of the hydraulic components were removed from the bay, we gained access to the main fuel line section that leads from the fuel filter into the fuel tank.  There was the source of our problem and reason for an unacceptable fuel leak that occurred when the system was fully pressurized. After the many hours it took removing panels and components to get to it, the line was removed and cleaned up and new o-rings installed.  The line was reinstalled, pressure checked, and now is back to factory specifications.  Over 200+ man hours of labor for $10 worth of parts!

Patricia Wood and Steve Rima move the race axle into position

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Today the team went to work getting the car back into testing mode and putting things back together.  The first order of business was swapping the axles.  The narrow travel axle was removed and the race axle installed so we can bleed the hydraulic system later in the week.

This week’s cover photo Copyright © 2018 Zachary Hopkins

Used with permission – Alvord 2018

Our Favorite Photo of Ed Shadle

Ed Shadle current record holder at 276.780 mph

Ed gets his Red Hat and induction into the 200 mph club, 2011 Speedweek

Ed had a medical condition that very few people in the world have, with no known cure: Salt Fever.  It is one of the most dangerous,  mind-bending fevers you can have.  It makes you do things doctors, wives, friends and family members cannot figure out.  Ed really liked Bonneville…no Ed loved Bonneville!  Speedweek is kind of like hunting camp.  It’s that one time a year you can head out into the wilderness and take in nature.  Just like hunting, if you don’t bag an animal it is still better than being at home.  Bonneville is the same.  On one occasion Ed did get a record.  He got into the extremely small 200 mph club. There are fewer people in the 200 mph club then have climbed Mt Everest.  It is a place to renew friendships, talk about the past and dream of the future.  Ed’s name will be forever in the record books.  That is why they call it LIFE Member.  Here are a few photos from over the years.

Ed would work on the E/STR Roadster at the hangar

In 2017 he brought David Martinson and Les Holm to Bonneville to get them their license

With Cam Shadle, Lars Pedersen (holding umbrella) and Les Holm


Ed Shadle, Keith Zanghi, Cam Shadle, and Ed Drumheller II

Steve Green, Ed Drumheller II, Ed Shadle, and Andy Green: 2006 Speedweek

Ed Shadle with the E/STR 762: 2008 Speedweek

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