In this update: The Eagle has landed, Parkland base here.

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A great turn out today to unload the North American Eagle®, following a very successful engine test a few weeks ago.  Ed Shadle, Les Holm, Lars Pedersen, Von Armstrong, Keith Zanghi, Andrew Kirk, Trish Wood, Garrett Holm, Larry Martinson, Omar Chramosta, Steve Rima, and Eddie Harris all showed up ready to work!

Garrett Holm monitors the vehicle rolling slowly down the ramps




John Drury operated the Warn Winch

Keith pressure washing the communications motorhome

“We have done it so many times we make it look easy,”  crew chief Les Holm said.  It’s true… this 14,000 lb vehicle, with inches to spare on either side of the trailer and clearances top and bottom, slides in and out of the trailer like a bullet in a rifle breech.  After years of practice, the team once again placed the 56 ft long North American Eagle® on the ground in less then an hour, with no incidents.  It’s not an easy job; nearly every piece of equipment requires two or three people to lift.

It was a beautiful day, encouraging Steve Rima and Keith Zanghi to get out the pressure washer and clean the winter moss off of the communications motorhome.

In the coming weeks very little needs to be done…some touch-up painting, and the installation of our new LED Buggy Whip antenna mounts; talking about bright lights for the mile markers!  We’re looking forward to heading to the desert and breaking some records!

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