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It was a busy past week as film crews from Pilgrim Studios were in Parkland filming at the hangar, then traveling to Diamond Valley Lakebed in Nevada.  They needed some final scenes to complete the two- hour production.

Ed Shadle being interviewed by Michael, the Director of the shoot

Les Holm talks to Pilgrim Director Michael

Cameraman Matt shoots some video as Director of Photography Alan installs GoPros in the Eagle

Ed Shadle, Les Holm, Keith Zanghi and Lars Pedersen were in the hangar mid-week, filming for an upcoming History Channel Show.  The all-day effort was a lot of work and everyone was tired when it ended.

Three days later, a few members traveled to Diamond Valley to inspect the surface and see if it is ready for the North American Eagle®.  Lars Pedersen, Eric Wittler, and Keith Zanghi spent a couple days filming with the Pilgrim Studios in the hot Nevada desert.  The two- hour show, Speed Demons, will air Wednesday, July 11, 2018, with the Eagle project as part of the many stories being covered.

Pilgrim Studios is a division of Lionsgate Films and has many productions airing on TV, such as American Chopper, Fast n Loud, Wicked Tuna, and others.

Four GoPro Cameras were mounted in the truck

Lars Pedersen being interviewed on the playa

Eric’s dog Bonneville was smiling all weekend!

Eric and Lars talk to one of the camera guy Matt

Derrick is the sound man

Alan (Director of Photography) and Nick (Camera Assistant) setting up GoPros

Michael was the Director of the Diamond Valley Shoot

For the past month and half, Pilgrim crews have been filming the Eagle at remote shoots in Parkland and Shelton Washington, Long Beach and El Mirage California and this weekend in Eureka Nevada.

It has been a busy time with an estimated 140 hours of video being shot by all the cameras.  Ed Shadle, Les Holm, Lars Pedersen, Jessi Combs, Steve Wallace, Cam Shadle and Keith Zanghi are featured in the many interviews.

We invite you to go to our gallery page: The History of Speed: Behind the Scenes to see more photos.

Tune in Wednesday, July 11 on the History Channel and see the show: The History of Speed

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