In this Update:  Jessi is Grand Marshall; Preparations for Air Show display;  Forklift precision; Wheels and studsThis Weeks Sponsors


Rainy day and sunshine as the team checked in: Ed Shadle, Lars Pedersen, Les Holm, Keith Zanghi, Von Armstrong, Omar Chramosta.

Bill Eckberg, former NAE Crew Chief, paid us a visit to our Parkland headquarters.  A long- time Boeing employee with years on the flight line, Bill is retired and spent some time today catching up and talking the talk with the team.

 jessi02 jessi03 bugatti

Meanwhile our co- driver of the North American Eagle, Jessi Combs,  is suited up this weekend to drive a 1927 Bugatti in the annual Great Race.  Look for her  team number 6 to go for the winners circle.  Not only is she driving, she is the Grand Marshall of the Great Race.  Check her route across country through… and get out of her way!


Les, Ed and Bill

It is always a challenging operation to get things lined up for a display appearance of the North American Eagle. Plans are afoot to be a part of the annual Seafair celebration, which welcomes the Blue Angels and their awesome precision flight maneuvers.  Our former air force F-104 jet plane is now a big red jet car and will be at the flight museum on static display.

160618g 160618e 160618a

Today we looked at adapting a spare set of wheels to the loading axle. This meant moving some heavy stuff around.  Keith took the controls of the duty fork- lift and did some fancy moving about to retrieve the wheel pair from a top shelf  and position them to the axle hub.