In this update: Return from the ashes. The secret story of a 1956 Chevrolet Sport Coupe

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Don Mitchell’s 1956 Sport Coupe

No work at the hangar today.  We had something more important to do.

Les Holm, Garrett Holm, Jason Mitchell, Cory Mitchell, Ken Broyles, Von Armstrong, Chris Greene, Steve Wallace, Ed Shadle, Keith Zanghi and Don Mitchell shared a family reunion that will most likely never be duplicated in their lives.

45 years ago, North American Eagle® crew chief Les Holm borrowed his Uncle Don Mitchell’s  1956 Chevrolet Sport Coupe.   The carburetors started to leak and the car burnt to the ground.  It was a tragic and sad day for the Nephew and his Uncle.

Since that time, Les has wanted to rebuild the car for his Uncle Don. Five years ago Les, and his wife Debbie, decided to return the car to its original condition.  With the help of Don’s two sons, Cory and Jason, the three “stole” Uncle Don’s car one day and started collecting parts.  Don, meanwhile, knew nothing of what the three were up to; he just thought the car was being stored “somewhere” until he could eventually restore it.

Today, in a surprise celebration, Les invited over 50 friends and relatives, including Uncle Don and his wife Jill, for an unsuspecting car show and barbecue.  Everyone in attendance knew what was going on, except Uncle Don.

Don Mitchell is an integral member of the team and provides expertise in Dassault Systemes CATIA Design Software.  You can take a look at a photo gallery created on this special day.

After returning from sand blasters

Before the rebuild

Back in the day

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