In this update: Afterburner test at Sanderson Field in Shelton, Washington.

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On a sunny Saturday in Shelton, Washington, the caravan of North American Eagle™ team members, family and friends, followed the transporter to our engine test site located on Sanderson Airfield.



Nearly everyone on the team showed up to help out, many of them witnessing an afterburner test for the first time.  Steve Green flew down from Abbottsford in a Piper Navaho, while Calvin Dirks and his four boys drove down the I-5.  Eric Wittler headed up two days prior from Carson City Nevada.  From four different counties, team members arrived and were at work before 10am: Tom Tiede, Rich Pengelley, Chris Plass, Darren Grove, Sean Rondestvedt, Craig and Kimberly McNamee, John Drury, Eric Helpenstell, Steve and Libby Wallace, Von Armstrong, Jon Higley, Brandyn Bayes, Omar Chramosta,  Chris Greene, Les Holm, Jon Higley, Andrew Kirk, Cam Shadle, Cory Dawson, John Zambrano, Dave Selby, Don Mitchell,  Les Holm, Bernard McVay, Jerry Lamb, Larry Martinson, Steve Rima, Keith Zanghi and Ed Shadle. Of course Elaine Shadle, her daughter Candy, all of Cam’s family wife Rachel and son Alex.  Darren Grove’s family came in along with Keith’s dad and Aunt Irla and Uncle Les.   Don Mitchell’s wife Jill, Mark Moore’s better half Lisa Stephani and daugher Brooke, and brother Dan.


Jessi Combs gives us her best roller coaster pose

Special guest today was Jessi Combs.  Jessi is an American television personality and host, and has appeared on numerous TV shows including: Overhaulin’ with Chip Foose;  All Girls Garage;  The List (1001 car things to do before you die.)  Her involvment in racing venues and in hands on metal, automotive maintenance, and welding is way too big to describe here. . . but her motto says it all. . .”It’s not how big you are in the fight; it’s how big the fight is in you.” You can catch her on her webpage and on many social sites, including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and wikipedia.  


Jay Hupp 

Port of Shelton Commissioner Jay Hupp

 Dick Taylor

Port of Shelton Commissioner Commander Dick Taylor, US Navy (ret)

Special thanks goes out to the Port of Shelton for inviting us out to their wonderful airport, Sanderson Field. Once again we met up with our old friend, Jay Hupp, Port of Shelton Commissioner.  We also met one of the new Commissioners, Commander Dick Taylor, US Navy (ret).  One of the highlights of this project is meeting some of the most interesting people along the way.  Commander Taylor is one such person.  During his naval career he was a submariner serving on Diesel Electric Submarines.  Later, he went into submersibles.  

Bathyscaphe Trieste

Bathyscaphe Trieste

 Commander Taylor piloted the Bathyscaphe Trieste, similiar to the one above.  There were three Trieste made and Commander Taylor piloted one to over 16,000 feet deep!  On that day,  the then Lieutenant Taylor recovered a film canister for the CIA.  Now declassified, you can read all about it on the US Naval Institute website.  Today you can see the DSV-1 (Deep Submersible Vehicle 1) named Trieste II, right here in Washington State.  It is on display at the Undersea Museum in Keyport, Washington.


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Jessi Combs was a big hit with everyone!


Jessi with her number 1 fan, Les Holm


 The Canadians were down to stealing our women again.  Steve Green and Jessi

Washingtonians Stealing Washington Women



Mark Moore and his daugher Brooke

130615k 130615j

Brooke and Lisa



Team Rocket Scientist Darren Grove and family

130615p 130615o
Don and Jill Mitchell Russ Zanghi, Irla and Les Thompson


130615q 130615r
Dave Selby, Bernard McVay and John Zambrano Steve Rima and Chris Greene


130615s 130615u
Eric Helpenstell and Bernard McVay Brandyn Bayes and Tom Tiede


130615w 130615v
Calvin Dirks, Jessi and Cam Shadle Steve Wallace and his camera boom crane


Walrath Trucking once again supplied our tractor


130615x 130615y
John Drury working on something Jon Higley fills the Eagle with Small & Sons Fuel


NAE On Display in Austin TX


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The 56 foot long North American Eagle™ will be traveling to Austin TX this August and will be the featured display at National Instrument Week. NIWeek delivers technical networking and instruction with interactive sessions by NI R&D engineers and guest lecturers; targeted industry summits; hands-on workshops; exhibitions on the latest advancements in design, research, and testing; and keynote presentations from leading technology thought leaders.


Ed Shadle steve wallace2 Keith1


Ed Shadle, Steve Wallace and Keith Zanghi will be presenting at NI Week

Past presenters include Dr. Neil Gershenfeld of MIT’s Center for Bits and Atoms, Dr. Michio Kaku of City College of New York, and Tim Samaras of Discovery Channel’s Storm Chasers. Attendees include engineers, scientists, and executives from organizations such as Boeing, CERN, John Deere, ST-Ericsson, and UC Berkeley. Join us and see the Eagle and meet the team August 5-8; to learn how you can accelerate productivity, innovation, and discovery with National Instruments.

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 Eric Wittler With His Lenovo Laptop

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