In this update: Interns graduate! Paint touchup, old friends, hydraulic oil, birthday wishes and The Paris Air Show!

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Ed Shadle, Les Holm, Lars Pedersen, Von Armstrong, Keith Zanghi, Steve Wallace, Steve Rima, Omar Chramosta, Cam Shadle, Sean Rondestvedt, Brandyn Bayes, Jackson Kinney, Chris Banks, Britney Freer, Andrew Kirk, Jason Mitchell, Chris Greene, Eric Helpenstell, John Drury, Scott Robertson, Rich Pengelley have all been by the hangar in the last month to work on the North American Eagle™

After the very successful display appearance at the Microsoft Ignite conference in Chicago, our big red jet car is scheduled for a static engine test at the end of tlhis month.  Another load up and another road trip; this time to Sanderson Field in Shelton.


Special guest this week was Mark Moore and his new bride Carrol.  The two were visiting the Pacific Northwest and made it a point to stop in and see their friends from Parkland.  Ed and his wife Elaine, Steve and Libby, Les and Debbie and Keith all met for a wonderful dinner.  Mark is a longtime supporter of the project.  He along with Steve Green built the wheels and magnetic rotor disk used on the Eagle.

                                               Britney Freer congratulated by Ed

Britney Freer and Jackson Kinney just went through a rite of passage as they both graduated from high school.  We are happy to say both received an A for their senior project for the North American Eagle™  Early in the week Keith was invited to Britney’s senior project review.  We are very pleased we get a chance to work with the leaders of tomorrow.  Jackson and Britney are now part of a long list of other students who completed their senior project with the team.  Just as Chris Greene, Andrew Kirk, and Brandyn Bayes, Jackson and Britney have stated they are going to stay on with the team!  We couldn’t be happier.


Prior to our Shelton engine test, we checked over the start cart and found that some adjustments need to be made; we will be working on those next week.

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                                                            Brandyn and Chris were busy updating and transferring information to Lenovo ThinkStations.

The gremlins that are hiding in our overhead crane assembly in the semi trailer are still there. They like to interfere with hydraulics and valves and pressures and don’t want to let them do their job.  Just one more bump in the road to land speed records.   We will put them behind us.

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On the long trip back from Chicago and the Microsoft Ignite event, one of the floor jack handles came loose and bounced around, striking the bottom of the Eagle.  Luckily the only damage was paint, so Keith set out to return the Eagle to its original condition.  After six hours of sanding, priming, paint and finish clear coat, the bright Viper Red finish looks great!

                                        Russ Zanghi stopped by to check on his boy

Ping Fu’s Birthday Celebration!



To finish out the update we decided to send a birthday wish to one of our favorite people, Ping Fu.  Happy Birthday, Ping!  Ping is the VP & Chief Entrepreneur  Officer at 3D Systems, founder of Geomagic, and the author of  Bend Not Break.

                                             Von Armstrong shows how it is done
                                                     Bend Not Break by Ping Fu

Wolfe Air Video Featured at 2015 Le Bourget Paris Air Show

For the 2nd year in a row, Wolfe Air of Pasadena CA and one of our longtime sponsors has produced a beautiful test flight of the Boeing 787 in preparation of the Paris Air Show.



The LeMay Family Collection

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Afterburner Docking Stations

Lenovo is heavily embedded into our daily operations, with ThinkPads and ThinkStations providing support for website production, engineering consisting of mechanical and structural analysis and aerodynamic capabilities.

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ThinkPad and ThinkStation

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Eric Wittler’s Chasing images were used in the Microsoft Ignite booth in Chicago.