In this update: Captain Joe Walker;  and another Jessi Combs Grand Marshal video!

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Today Jason Mitchell, Cory Mitchell, Lars Pedersen, Les Holm, Steve Rima, Keith Zanghi and Ed Shadle worked to prepare the North American Eagle® for an upcoming engine test at the end of the month.

Jessi Combs 2017 Grand Marshal Sturgis Motorcycle Rally

Jessi Combs got some really great news last week when it was announced that she will be the 2017 Sturgis Rally Grand Marshal.  This week we have another video for you that goes into a little more depth of Jessi’s background.  Enjoy.                                                                                             Click on the photo above.

Steve Rima, Les Holm and Cory Mitchell


Jason Mitchell and Keith Zanghi

Not a lot of photos this week but we did manage to get a lot of items checked off the list.  At the end of the month we will be doing an engine test;  so today we removed the race axle and replaced it with the travel axle.

Lars detected an out of tolerance condition on the mid-wheels.  Today he removed the wheels and checked the bearings.  By shimming the bearing pack he was able to bring the tolerance into specifications.

We are taking next week off, but will return June 25th when we will load the car into the trailer.  Engine test will be done on July 1st.

New Feature:  Those Magnificent Men and Their Flying Machines – Former Pilots of 56-0763

Today’s Featured Pilot

Joe Walker

The pilots of 56-0763

Captain Joseph Albert Walker

Joe Walker

Prior to joining the Air Force Captain Joe Walker earned a bachelor’s degree in Physics.  In WWII he flew P-38s and earned the Distinguished Flying Cross.  He joined NACA in March 1945 and served as project pilot on D-558, X-1, X-3, X-4, and X-5 before being assigned chief X-15 pilot for NASA.  He flew the X-15 above the Kármán Line and earning  the title of Astronaut.  It was at Edwards where Captain Walker flew F-104A SN 56-0763 which went on to become the North American Eagle®

June 8, 1966

His career came to a tragic end when his F-104 got caught up in the wing vortex of the XB-70. His aircraft broke up, killing him instantly: 51 years ago.

Joe Walker and the X-1

Joe Walker and the X-1E

This Is Your Life – Joseph A Walker

One of the most popular shows from the early 60s was This Is Your Life, with host Ralph Edwards.  This episode was all about Captain Joe Walker.  I think you will really enjoy it.  Click on the photo above and learn about one of America’s greatest test pilots.

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Bernard Charlès and Phillip Forestier at COE

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