In this update: Fuel line test; Parachute canisters; Driver seat harness; Start cart

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Today: Lars Pedersen, Les Holm, Von Armstrong, Keith Zanghi, Patricia Wood, Zac Hopkins, Jon Higley, David Martinson, and Steve Rima

We had a very special visitor today.  Harold Edvalds was a friend and fellow U.S Air Force crew member of our recently departed team member, Omar Chramosta.  Omar and Harold flew together and shared the life that only military veterans can experience.  Team NAE salutes them both.

Eddie Harris dropped in with a friend, Garry Wells, a commercial photographer specializing in motorsports, landscapes, and wildlife. He took the tour and a lot of pictures.

Jon Higley and Zac Hopkins cleaning the inside of the trailer

Jon pressure washing the rig

A whole lot of stuff going on today, in the shop and outside.  Jon Higley and Patricia put a new pressure washer to work, and clean up of the tractor and trailer continued.

Lars bench tested the new fuel line component under pressure and it held well..beautiful welding, no leaks. With the new line finished and connected, 50 gallons of fuel was pumped into the tank and the system filled.

“I want you to weld it right here”

David tack welds the parachute canisters

David Martinson, NAE Welder

Precision tooling was used to align the parachute canisters

A lot of work going into the new parachute canisters.  Keith made up a h0lding crib and took some exacting measurements. New bolting plates were drilled and lined up for both canisters and David put his welding talents to work to weld them in place.

Les, David, and Keith worked on positioning and installing new harness plates for the driver seat prior to attaching the new harness to the seat and putting the seat back in the cockpit.

Issues with the start cart were tested today.  The air hose was attached to the cart and Les powered it up to check performance.  It tested well under static conditions.  Proper system checks of the system can only be made during our upcoming engine test at Sanderson Field.

Lunch break was again provided ala Zac Hopkins, our resident chef extraordinaire and man of many talents.

This week’s cover photo Copyright © 2018 Zac Hopkins, Alvord 2018

Our Favorite Photo of Ed Shadle

Keith Zanghi, Omar Chramosta, Von Armstrong and Russ Zanghi

Ed ran in and jumped into the photo!

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