In this update:  Two new and valuable sponsors jump aboard the Eagle; No time wasted; Fair weather for fairings; We got visitors; Ed briefs the team

Today’s Featued Sponsors

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Fair weather and good news greeted Team NAE this Saturday;  Les Holm, Von Armstrong, Ed Shadle, Keith Zanghi, Chris Greene, Steve Rime, Andrew Kirk, Steve Wallace, Larry Martinson, Omar Chramosta, Brandyn Bayes, John Winchester, John Drury

 We are always happy to have new sponsors join in our effort to break the world landspeed record.  We depend on them in so many ways.  Our team of volunteers are in this project for the long haul.  Our members donate their time and talent.  We are in it for the love of it. Our sponsors keep us going.  There are other world wide  projects working toward the same record setting goals, some with literally millions of dollars of resources, some with limited resources, but all with a common vision; run for the record, get it in the books, and have a great time along the way. 

 Warn Logo

WARN Industries New Sponsor


Ed unboxes a brand new WARN Zeon 10,000 lb winch

WARN Industries is a nation wide provider of quality products for beefy vehicle accessories  and rugged outdoor gear and apparel.  They are also very big here in the Pacific Northwest.  They chose to climb aboard the North American Eagle™ project by supplying us with a critical replacement for our loading operations.  We received a  beautiful new WARN Zeon 10 winch with a 10,000 lb. pull capacity using 80′ of 3/8″ steel rope.  What a blessing.  Our old 4000 lb WARN Winch will now be permanently mounted on our mobilizer and be used to secure the Eagle when towing on the lakebed.   Our 6 1/2 ton, 56 ‘ long jet car will now go up and down the ramp and in and out of the trailer much easier and safer.  Team North American Eagle™ has been using WARN Winches since the beginning of the project.  Keith used WARN Winches exclusively on his line of KZ Trailers.  WARN Winches means quality and dependability.

WARN Industries was founded up the road in Southpark, WA and for many years was based in nearby Kent, WA.  They are still a Northwest Company with their headquarters based in Clackamas, OR. The company designs, manufactures and markets a full line of off-road equipment and accessories that enhance the performance of four-wheel-drive vehicles, ATV’s, utility vehicles and military applications. The company’s Industrial Division markets electric and hydraulic winches and hoists to commercial, industrial and severe duty customers.  Warn also has a line of utility winches and hoists that are designed for professional trade workers and do-it-yourself consumers who need powerful tools to assist them in pulling, hauling, dragging or lifting.  Warn focuses on three specific markets, Consumer Aftermarket, Industrial/Commerical and Original Equipment.  With customers in over 65 countries, WARN is one of the world’s most recognized brands in vehicle performance enhancing equipment.

We are proud to be associated with WARN Winches.

TDS Logo

You’ve likely heard the expression; “Where the rubber meets the road.”  Our huge tractor-trailer combination is soon to hit the road, with our jet car destined to be transported  to Austin, Texas, for the National Instruments Conference.  The rubber on our rig was not suited for that long road journey.  Another nation wide firm came to our rescue. >Tire Distribution Systems, Auburn, Washington location, is putting on new rubber all around; on our tractor and on our trailer, with a spare to boot. Our thanks to TDS. Good rubber will hit the road. Stop in and visit the folks at TDS in Auburn.

Store # 910 – Map
Retreading Plant #166

402 Lund Road
Auburn, WA 98002
Phone: 253-833-6100
Fax: 253-833-5661
Store Manager: Gerald Dunn
Plant Manager: John Winterbower


  DS is comprised of dynamic industry leaders that provide outstanding full-service  tire work from 44 locations in 8 states. TDS has the right mix of new tire and retread knowledge to ensure the ongoing success of their customers.


The TDS Mission

TDS mission is to be the market leader in every market served by offering their customers clearly outstanding and unique products and services. As the market leader, they are dedicated to constantly improving quality, service and customer satisfaction. They believe that continually improving the system of production and delivery of services and products will improve quality and reduce costs.  Team North American Eagle™ can travel with the confidence that we are now on TDS Tires and Support.

130601d 130601e

Andrew assembles the WARN Winch and mount

 The team wasted no time getting the new Warn winch ready for service.  Lots of torch cutting and welding  and drilling went on.  A new mounting plate was fabricated and the new unit made ready for mounting and installation into the trailer.  The old winch received a facelift and will be put into use on the mobilizer, which hauls the car back from the end of a test run and into position for the next one.

 130601c  130601g
 130601u  130601v
130601w 130601x


Les Holm and Chris Greene have been out front on the rear axle fairings, consulting with Darren and Ed, and continuing lead work on the assembly.  It is still a work in progress, subject to modification, but the goal is to have the fairings in place for our high speed runs in the fall.


Briana Barber sits in the Pilots seat beside Chris Greene


Briana shows us her roller coaster pose!

130601l 130601n
130601o 130601q

Brittney and Michaela show us their roller coaster poses


Timothy likes playing in the dirt. He will be coming to Alvord with us.

Chris Greene and friend, Briana Barber, made up a visitation and tour with the Barber clan.  Cameron, Brittney, Michaela and Kenzie got a close up look at the Eagle, and the girls got some seat time and picture taking from the cockpit.


Von & Brandyn review website changes

Brandyn is constantly on line on our web pages, doing his computer voodoo and improving our pages and links.  He and Von and Keith got their heads together, reviewing changes and trying to stay out of peril on the information highway.

It was good to see our friend and team mate, John Winchester, back at a work session and into the loop.  He had recent surgery and is on the mend. 

Ed called a briefing meeting and eventually got the attention of most everybody. Our new sponsors were vetted, our progress and plans were reviewed,  and a good time was had by all.   We  have a busy summer and fall schedule. Join us on the web and follow our journey. 


NAE On Display in Austin TX


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The 56 foot long North American Eagle™ will be traveling to Austin TX this August and will be the featured display at National Instrument Week. NIWeek delivers technical networking and instruction with interactive sessions by NI R&D engineers and guest lecturers; targeted industry summits; hands-on workshops; exhibitions on the latest advancements in design, research, and test; and keynote presentations from leading technology thought leaders. Past presenters include Dr. Neil Gershenfeld of MIT’s Center for Bits and Atoms, Dr. Michio Kaku of City College of New York, and Tim Samaras of Discovery Channel’s Storm Chasers. Attendees include engineers, scientists, and executives from organizations such as Boeing, CERN, John Deere, ST-Ericsson, and UC Berkeley. Join us and see the Eagle and meet the team August 5-8; to learn how you can accelerate productivity, innovation, and discovery with National Instruments.

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 Eric Wittler With His Lenovo Laptop

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