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In this update: Ed travels to Vancouver to present at the ASEE: Preparation of trailers for upcoming test session: New  website debut: New team member: Lenovo ThinkStations hum with calculations and a gaggle of 14 year old girls invade the NAE™ hangar!

It was another beautiful day at Team North American Eagle™ headquarters as Chris Greene, John Winchester, Omar Chramosta, Jon Higley, Mathew Anderson, Tom Tiede, Brandyn Bayes, Keith Zanghi, Ed Shadle and newest team member Tod Cole met once again to move towards our goal of breaking the 763 mph world land speed record.  Also stopping by was Brandyn’s father Doug and his brother Andrew who turn 12 today.  Happy Birthday Andrew!


While Team North American Eagle™ strives to increase STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) in schools with presentations and tours, we do get the occasional group that wants to come by just for fun!. What started out as an educational history lesson for Ed’s granddaughter Jaime and her three friends, turned into a giggling photo shoot for a pre-slumber party!  Oh well we tried!  Each of the girls took turns sitting in the 56 foot long Eagle.

girl in glasses
Ed w/ girls

It was a beautiful day in the Spanaway area as Von Armstrong, Chris Green, Omar Chramosta, Jon Higley, Tom Tiede, Keith Zanghi and Ed Shadle met to work on the leading challenger for the 763 mph world land speed record.

3D Connexion

While the work activities were taking place in Spanaway, a little North of Seattle, Lenovo C20 and D20 ThinkStations and 3Dconnexion SpacePilot™ Pro were humming along at the homes of Darren Grove and Ron Doll.  CFD Solutions are being run at two locations to best understand the transonic shock waves developing around the car.   Rex Walter and Mike Thoe are working closely with the two.


C.E.I. Software
IMS Software
Dassault Systemes

The aerodynamics team is working closely with engineers from Pointwise SoftwareMetacomp TechnologiesCEI Software,  IMS Software,  Geomagic Studio, and Dassault Systèmes to apply aerodynamic solutions and build hardware to mitigate these pressure waves.

New Team Member Tod Cole

TodTod Cole is our new team member. He has strong mechanical abilities and is an expert in WiFi Systems.  He is no stranger to landspeed racing. He holds the AMA 650cc motorcycle APS / BG at 162.47 mph at the Bonneville Salt Flats. Welcome aboard Tod!

Trailer Tune Up Time

Chris, Mathew, Jon and Ed spent most of the day working on the number two trailer. Jon started out by pressure washing off the entire trailer of the grung that grew over last winter to give it a bright new look. Then, Chris & Mathew brushed it down to remove oxidized paint. This trailer is used to transport all of our support equipment and large 34 x 65 foot Milestone Building and Design structure. While Ed, Tom and Tod worked on hydraulic motors, air systems and brakes, the rest of the guys gave the 48 foot trailer a good wash down.

Tom & Tod
Chris & Matthew
Chris & Matthew
Ed under truck

New Website About to Debut

Jon is coordinating a new look for the website that Brandyn is developing.   Look for a debut of the new site within a month.  Brandyn’s dad Doug is teaching his son Brandyn JAVA and C++ programming. Combine with the mentorship from Team North American Eagle™, Brandyn will have a pretty impressive resume!  We think he will get an “A” on What I did over the summer paper!

Ed, Keith, Jon & Brandyn
Brandyn & Jon

Ed Shadle Presents at  ASEE in Vancouver

HP calculator
HP calculator

Ed traveled  to Vancouver BC, Canada to present at the 118th ASEE Annual Conference and Exposition.  American Society for Engineering Education  is a non-profit organization which brings together engineering educators from all of the engineering and engineering technology fields to collaborate on solutions to promote excellence in instruction, research, public service, and practice.

ASEE conf.

On display was the 7 1/2 foot long Eagle model and the actual front wheel.  Visitors were drawn into the booth and that gave Ed an opportunity to talk about the project and how our engineers use  HP 50g Graphing and Scientific Calculator. The model was featured in the Hewlett Packard Graphing and Scientific Calculators Booth.  Special thanks to Signs By Tomorrow, Houston South which provided the miniaturized decals for the model.

Leslie Porterfield New Co-Driver

Leslie Porterfield is now the new Co-Driver of the North American Eagle™.Leslie Porterfield

Leslie already holds the title of world’s fastest woman on two wheels will now do the same later this fall for automobiles.

“I couldn’t be more excited to be a part of such a dynamic team. I am honored to be part of their mission to go after the absolute unlimited land speed record. This is an opportunity of a lifetime!”  Ms. Porterfield states.

The team was also all for the decision by Leslie Porterfield, holder of multiple Guinness Book of Speed Records on motorcycles, to join the team and strive for the world land speed record for women in a different class. Leslie will be piloting the North American Eagle™ during some future test runs. To read more  about Leslie visit her website at

Col Joe Kittinger Book Selling for $500 on Amazon!

come up and get meFriend and consultant to the  North American Eagle™ Col Joe Kittinger’s book, Come Up and Get Me is now available in softcover from   The hardcover version is sold out with copies going on Amazon  for over $500.00!  In addition to the softcover a Kindle version is available on Amazon. If you haven’t got your copy yet now would be the time while supplies last.

Ed, Joe, wife & Keith