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A number of team members came into the offices today to take care of some lingering tasks, still to do.  Von Armstrong, Keith Zanghi, Steve Wallace, Steve Rima, Omar Chramosta, Andrew Kirk, and Eric Helpenstell were in the hangar getting their hands dirty.  Working offsite this weekend  Ed Shadle, Lars Pedersen and Les Holm.

Tune into The History Channel, Wednesday, July 11th at 8/7 central

Coming up next week, the North American Eagle® team, including Eric Wittler’s motorcycle land speed record attempt, will be featured in The History Channel Show: Speed Demons.  Watch the show on July 11th, at 8/7 central time.  Interviews with Ed Shadle, Jessi Combs, Les Holm, Lars Pedersen, Eric Wittler, Cam Shadle, Steve Wallace and Keith Zanghi are in the production, along with video coverage of our last engine test featuring the entire North American Eagle® Team.

Today’s guests:  Herschel and Mike with Von Armstrong

Most of the work today consisted of wiring up the new Buggy Whip® LED antennas.   Steve Wallace and Steve Rima managed to re-purpose some unused power wires to hook up the Buggy Whip® LED antennas.  After power had been applied, it was like a scene out of Star Wars.  The Buggy Whip® LED antennas are extremely bright.  The North American Eagle® Team will be utilizing Buggy Whip® LED antennas for all of our mile markers, and testing their operational abilities at high speeds. Steve Wallace also used his carpentry skills and finished off work on the Comm Van. It is looking really good and will be ready for our October test session.



The LED lights overpowered the cameras!

Steve Wallace running wires for the Buggy Whip® LED antennas


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