In this Update: Final preparations for next week’s appearance at the O’Reilly Northwest Nationals Drags; Modified loading ramp comes through; The Eagle awaits transport; New crate for 7 foot model being built;  NAE Mobile iOS is now available!

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Team members present today:  Ed Shadle, Von Armstrong, Keith Zanghi, Rich Pengelley, Chris Greene, Rob Martinson, John Drury, Sean Rondestvedt, Andrew Kirk, Omar Chramosta, John  Winchester, and Jon Higley.

O’Reilly Northwest Nationals Drag Race August 3-5



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This coming weekend Valerie Thompson and Ed Shadle will be at the O’Reilly Northwest Nationals drag races at Pacific Raceways.  On display will be the 56 foot long North American Eagle™  Come by and meet the team!

New Touch Up Paint

In the past few weeks you have been reading about how the Eagle is getting a face lift, or more accurately a tail cone lift!  Over the years the vibration and heat have taken its toll and caused a lot of flaking of the paint.  Thanks to the help from a lot of people,  the car is looking pretty sharp!  We want to recognize Clay Davis for all his help applying the red base coat and for his technical expertise throughout the paint process.  Artist Eddie Harris came by and added life to the Eagle and applied the air brush work.  Ten years ago Eddie airburshed the original Eagle art work from the Russ Garlow design.  Eddie is a very talented artist. He spent many years at Hanna-Barbera studios in Hollywood and recently has been working on the new Snake and Mongoose Movie.  Signs By Tomorrow Houston South are creating a whole bunch of new sponsor decals, which we will apply later this week.

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Eddie Harris

This Weeks Update

During the past week the Eagle was loaded into the trailer using the newly modified loading ramp assembly.  It worked ever so much better.  With a slightly widened stance and a lowered approach angle, the car was winched  up the ramp and into the trailer with ease.  No worries. 

 Today the team took care of some hangarkeeping details and cleared up a few tasks in preparation for the static display of our jet car.  See it at the NHRA O’Reilly Northwest Nationals drag races this upcoming weekend at Pacific Raceways in Kent, Wa.

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Keith lit up the welding unit again today.  Always game for a challenge, he found himself and the torch inside the trailer, under the car, and between the wheels.  Some finishing welding  touches were needed for the rear axle assembly.  Since the car and the axle were loaded;  he climbed on in,  took one for the team, and finished the job. Thanks to Central Welding Supply and their other stores, Pacific Welding Supply and

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John Drury flew his plane on in and taxied up to the hangar.  Being the team’s primary driver and load master, he looked over briefing papers for our weekend drive North. Then he announced that he was on his way flying to work today. It was a good day to miss the I-5 traffic.  Before leaving he took a ride in Chris Greene’s new car.

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Ed briefed the team on the road trip and then  began work on constructing a shipping crate for our scale model of the North American Eagle™.  It is much in demand at various venues around the country and will be packed up for a trip to IMTS Show in Chicago this September.  Since Ed had a birthday celebration to attend (his), the remaining team members gathered up drills and rivets and put the crate together.

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John Winchester Inspects The Parachute Installation

New iOS App

Android smartphone users have been using the NAE App for several months.  Now iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch users can download the free app!  Read all the updates, and view photos and video from your smartphone.

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AppStore GooglePlay


Capture 3D Measurement Innovation Show August 21-23


Ed Shadle and Keith Zanghi will be among  the featured speakers at Capture 3D Measurement Innovation Conference in Costa Mesa CA this August 21-23.  They will be showing the attendees how we use Capture 3D Tools to achieve our of goal of breaking the 763 mph world land speed record.

Capture3Da Capture3Db.jpg

 ATOS Scanner and Scan Image

International Manufacturing and Technology Show September 10-15

Team North American Eagle™ will be headed on the road again this September 10th through the 15th as they  make an appearance at the IMTS 2012 Show in Chicago IL.  Ed, Keith, and Steve Green will be appearing in the Geomagic Software and IMS Software booths during the show.  Below is the giant 8 ft high by 17 ft long banner that will be hanging in the IMS Software Booth!  Along with our 7 foot model and 55 inch LED screens blasting out NAE video, the three will be on-hand to sign autographs and answer questions.  Look for more information in the near future. 



New Lenovo Video

 Lenovo recently released a new video featuring the North American Eagle™ .  The NAE  scenes were edited by Steve Wallace. Team NAE™  uses Lenovo ThinkStations and ThinkPad for aerodynamic and engineering analysis.  Click on the photo below and watch this exciting video!

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 Lenovo Video

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Eric Wittler With His Lenovo Laptop

All home page photos by Eric Wittler of  Thanks Eric!  Look for a brand new gallery featuring Eric’s photos coming soon.