In this Update: Unloaded the Eagle; Driver seat final modification; Mobilizer wheels got the Lars treatment

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Today John Drury, Steve Rima, Steve Wallace, Marty Jackson, Keith Zanghi, Von Armstrong, Lars Pedersen, Jon Higley, and David Martinson made up our Saturday work party.  Working virtual this week was Brandyn Bayes.

                                                                  Keith’s special guests today were Kendall Pollock and his daughter Alisa

The Pollocks at the 2012 Pacific Raceways Display

David Martinson, Paul Sloan and Ken Sloan

 David talked a couple of his neighbor friends into lending some welcome muscle for the unload.  Brothers Ken and Paul Sloan had so much fun at the Sanderson Field engine test that they were more than willing.  They did a great job.

John Drury, transportation specialists

Assembling the ramps

The Eagle rolls out of the trailer

John Drury, Marty Jackson, and Steve Wallace working together

The Eagle has landed

Unload crew

John (I love to drive) Drury did his usual sterling work in backing up the trailer to our precisely measured and marked point in front of the hangar door.  From there all hands got busy positioning the ramps and stand, rigging up the straps and chains, and easing our big red jet car down the ramps and into the hangar.

Lars Pedersen

Lars Pedersen tightens wheel studs as Jon Higley looks on

Lars Pedersen has been working over the mobilizer wheels. Today he finished up the job and the wheels now have new seals, bearings, and longer nut studs.

Marty did an after-run inspection in a couple of fuselage compartments, checking for leaks or anything out of place.

After helping with the unload, Steve set out with his testing equipment for his mostly secret rural area that is suitable for satellite communications and data collection.

Keith oversaw the removal of the driver seat and he and David Martinson conferred on the finish welding of the seat brackets.  David is all over the welding of most anything weldable.  He has done some expert welding jobs on various parts, including the newly installed fuel lines and the new parachute canisters.

Our Favorite Photo of Ed Shadle

                                                                  Our favorite photo of Ed Shadle today falls on what would have been his 78th Birthday.


Ed’s birthday in 2015

Ed and Elaine Shadle

Cover photo Copyright © 2012 Eric Wittler, used with permission

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