In this Update:  A friend and a father is missed; Electronics compartment gets attention; Overhead crane still cranky;

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Checking in for this Saturday work party; Ed Shadle, Lars Petersen, Steve Wallace, Von Armstrong, Steve Rima, Andrew Kirk, Omar Chramosta and Keith Zanghi

                                              Birthday Boy gets a Birthday Hat!

Special guests today were Steve Rima’s wife, Virginia, and Suki, 5lbs of Chihuahua energy who knows who rules.

Team NAE received sad news during this week.  Russell Zanghi, Keith’s dad, and beloved friend of the team, passed away quite unexpectedly in his home at the age of 85.  He was a frequent visitor to our work parties and team activities, arriving with his engaging smile, puckish sense of humor, and a preference for burnt hotdogs….to order. We always looked forward to his visits and he has left us with lasting memories.

                                            Russ and Les discussing their Boeing COLA

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The two Steves spent a lot of time working side by side in the data compartment today, staying mostly out of the way of each other and focusing in on different tasks.  Steve Wallace installed some new sensor lines in the data bay  but spent most of his time working on the wireless router connection between the Eagle and his data chase car. That’s the  one with all the radios, computers, antennaes, aircraft landing lights, and other mysteries that come up with real time satellite and system data during our speed runs.

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Steve Rima installed new connection wiring and breaker protection circuits for the cooling system in the electronics compartment. The on board laptop computer and vital electrical components must be cooled to an acceptable operating temperature during runs.  He has upgraded the system from the former water cooled operation.

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Lars filtered out the hydraulic fluid for the overhead crane in the semi trailer and refilled the lines.  Today he continued checking and testing valves and wiring.  The problem seems to be narrowed down to a malfunctioning valve that will require replacing.

The response to our Kick Start campaign has been disappointing.  We are scheduled for important record setting run attempts in September.  So far the funds necessary to transport the Eagle and its equipment have not been forthcoming. We are really counting on some major donations to help.  Thanking you in advance for that help.

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