In today’s Update: Hydraulic tests, travel axle, and trailer loading begins

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Today Ed Shadle, Les Holm, Lars Pedersen, Steve Rima, Von Armstrong, Keith Zanghi and Jon Higley met on a beautiful Pacific Northwest Saturday to prepare for our upcoming test session.  Working offsite were Eric Wittler and Russ Powrie.


A couple of young visitors came to the hangar today to try out their best roller coaster look!

Lars Pedersen


Andrew Kirk removing the rear axle

Steve Rima removing struts

Andrew removing panels to inspect hydraulic levels

Les lowers car into front wheel cradle

Keith loading the mobilizer axle into the trailer

A few activities this weekend had to be completed: a functional test of the speed brakes, lowering the car to the ground after installing the travel axle, and begin to load the trailer.   Last weekend our hydraulic pump stopped working and we detected a major oil leak!  So we swapped out the hoses with a backup pump.  Afterward, we were able to bleed the air brake lines and call the activity a success.  Then the fun part; jacking up the car, removing the race axle, and replacing it with the travel axle.  Everything went smoothly so we began the loading of the trailer.  With our test runs a few months out, it was a good thing to have a head start on this work.

Meanwhile, 600 miles to the South, Eric Wittler and Russ Powrie installed a trailer hitch on the VIP Limo.  They’re getting the limo ready for this year’s tests!


Not enough room in a limo…add a trailer!

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