In this Update:  Rear brake hydraulic lines connected;  Rear struts welded into place; Parachute deployment system being upgraded; Loading operations begin 

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Today’s work crew:  Keith Zanghi, Ed Shadle, Von Armstrong,  Brandyn Bayes, Andrew Kirk, Larry Martinson, Jon Higley and John Winchester.



Road readiness was the word of the day after the Eagle got a face lift.  With completion of a  badly needed paint job,  new decals and more to come, compartment and inspection doors secured, and final comsmetic touch- ups underway;  our big red jet car is nearly ready for display .  Our thanks go out to Pete Moss who came out again this Saturday to finish applying the Driver/Owner names that appear directly under the cockpit canopy and to Eddy Harris who did his airbrush magic restoration on the fuselage tail feathers art  during the week. One of our newest teamembers Andrew Kirk is starting to become a familiar face in the hangar.

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The complex array of rear axle components is coming together.  With the hydraulic distribution blocks welded in place for the rear brakes;  the new hydraulic lines and tubes were connected.  Keith fabricated a holding bracket and mount for the Optima battery that energizes the parachute deployment cannisters. The chute cannisters were also checked.   Final fitting load factors were adjusted to accomodate the new vertical struts and they were welded into place using  Central Welding Supplies welders and consumables.

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Loading operations began today to transport the 56 foot long, 6 ton+  North American Eagle™ and all neccessary equipment.  The nose cone, with its long  pitot tube, was loaded in place in the trailer this afternoon.



Appearence at O’Reilly NHRA Northwest Nationals Drags

Team NAE™ will soon  be travelling  to the 25th Annual O’Reilly NHRA Northwest Nationals Drag Races at the Kent, WA  Pacific Raceways on August 3-5th. Valerie Thompson and Ed Shadle will be on hand to sign autographs.  No matter where we show, the 56 foot long Eagle will dominate the venue. ESPN 2 will be conducting interviews with Ed and Valerie that will air during the coverage of the event on Sunday August 5th.  Many thanks to All Battery Sales and Service who are sponsoring our handouts. All Battery Sales and Service is the largest distributor of Interstate Batteries and Optima Batteries in the United States.   Hope to see you there.

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 New Lenovo Video

Lenovo recently released a new video featuring the North American Eagle™ .   The NAE™ scenes were edited by Steve Wallace. Team NAE™ uses  Lenovo ThinkStations and ThinkPad for aerodynamic and engineering analysis.  Click on the photo below and watch this exciting video!

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Lenovo Video

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