In this Update:  Microsoft Video; Tracing down trouble; Start cart powers up the Eagle; Frequency regulator wiring; Hydraulic line leak; Traveling overhead crane; Preparing for launch of Windows 10

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The team today: Ed Shadle, Les Holm, Steve Rima, Lars Pedersen, Brandyn Bayes, Britney Freer, Von Armstrong, Jason Mitchell, Keith Zanghi, Father and son, Dan and Cory Cyr, were guests today and jumped right in to help. Friends of Jason, they say they will be back for more Saturday work parties.

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You can now watch the video of Brandyn Bayes and Satya Nedella at Microsoft Partners Conference in Orlando. click on the link above.


Sometimes it takes taping up system schematics to trace down problems; that and a lot of head scratching and trial and error.  Do that long enough and we get the results we are looking for. Our recent engine test found a problem with an on board generator not developing needed system power. Then a hydraulic oil leak became evident after the Eagle was back in the hangar.  Neither of these were quick fix items but we are on-going to get them behind us.  The leak is not easilly accessible and will require that some lines be disconnected and examined. Next week we will do an engine spool in the hangar to  determine if the generator problem was caused by some loose wiring in a terminal block for the frequency regulator. That was remedied today.

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The overhead crane in the semi trailer is still not responding to all efforts to make it work properly.  Could lt be a crossed wire….a faulty hydraulic valve…a problem in the controller? Lars and Ed have been going over the system with a fine tooth comb.  That trial and error we mentioned is wearing thin.  But it will be resolved.


Brandyn spent the day gearing our sytem up for the launch and switch over to Windows 10.  Laptops and PCs will be upgraded.  Von upgraded the barbeque to a Binford Model 10.  The cheif was all smiles today with the new equipment.  Like Napoleon said “An army marches on its stomach” and the Eagle team is no different!

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