Ladies and Gentlemen:

In this update: Cub Scouts visit the Eagle; Accelerometers tested; Website refinements; and trailer prepared for test session.

Cub Scouts Visit

Every year the Eagle Hanger is visited by Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, and Civil Air Patrol Cadets. Today the future leaders of America came by to get an exclusive tour of the North American Eagle™ by driver Ed Shadle.  Cub Scout Pack 308, Den  3 Webelos Scouts Ben, Russell, Max and Jason are all in the 4th grade and attend Browns Point Elementary School.

Ed w/ scouts

Future Eagle Scouts Jason, Max, Ben and Russell

Ed talks to scouts

The four boys spent over an hour with Ed who showed them the many engineering challenges the team has had to solve.


When Ed finished up with the scouts, his former Frank Russell employee Don and his 8th grade daughter, Emily, stopped by to see the 56 foot long Eagle.  Team North American Eagle™ is committed to inspiring the youth of today who will become the leaders of tomorrow.  Our Educational Outreach program headed up by Jon Higley is using connections to STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) concepts through this project with our nation’s students.

Brandyn & Chris

Brandyn Bayes is developing a new website for the Team.  He stopped by to give an update on his work.  Look for a debut of the new site very soon.  Intern Laura Sawicki was probably working the hardest this weekend as evident how dirty she got!.  She took on the task of completely removing all the rust on the back of the number 2 Eagle Machine, Inc Race Car Transporter and giving it a brand new paint job!  When done it really looked sharp! Great job Laura!  Bill Eckberg re-programmed some temperature gauges.

New Sensors Being Installed


Steve got started with installation and replacement of dozens of accelerometers, strain gauges, load cells and pressure transducers.  Working with our aerodynamics team, the sensors are being strategically placed to provide verification of our CFD Solutions.

Thank You This Weeks Team Members!

Team members present this week were Chris Greene, Brandyn Bayes,  Bill Eckberg, Steve Wallace, Intern Laura Sawicki, Omar Chramosta,  Keith Zanghi and Ed Shadle.

Leslie Porterfield New Co-Driver

Leslie Porterfield is now the new Co-Driver of the North American Eagle™.

Leslie PorterfieldLeslie already holds the title of world’s fastest woman on two wheels will now do the same later this fall for automobiles.

“I couldn’t be more excited to be a part of such a dynamic team. I am honored to be part of their mission to go after the absolute unlimited land speed record. This is an opportunity of a lifetime!”  Ms. Porterfield states.

The team was also all for the decision by Leslie Porterfield, holder of multiple Guinness Book of Speed Records on motorcycles, to join the team and strive for the world land speed record for women in a different class. Leslie will be piloting the North American Eagle™ during some future test runs. To read more  about Leslie visit her website at

Col Joe Kittinger Book Selling for $500 on Amazon!

come up and get meFriend and consultant to the  North American Eagle™ Col Joe Kittinger’s book, Come Up and Get Me is now available in softcover from   The hardcover version is sold out with copies going on Amazon  for over $500.00!  In addition to the softcover a Kindle version is available on Amazon. If you haven’t got your copy yet now would be the time while supplies last.

Ed, Joe, wife & Keith