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In this Update:   Eagle gets her Tail cone back;  New decals and painting planned;  More prep for NHRA static display.

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Today’s work crew:  Ed Shadle, Keith Zanghi, Tom Tiede, Von Armstrong, Chris Greene, Brandyn Bayes, Sean Rondestvedt, and Omar Chramosta

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The major work effort today was reinstalling the tail cone.  Once again, the 6+ ton jet car had to be towed part way out of the hangar and the tail cone positioned for installation.  This is heavy work.  What was lacking in muscle power was accomplished through the use of heavy floor jacks and a manueverable support platform.  It took awhile today but everything was finally lined up properly and the tail cone locked into place before lunch break.  Tom prepared the mouting plates for the hydraulic distribution blocks used for the LevX® Magnetic Braking.  The all aluminum black anodized blocks will be installed during the upcoming week.


Pete Moss, long time friend of the project, came by today to add Steve Green and Valerie Thompson to the side of the car.  Pete did the original decals for Ed and Keith and after 8 years made an exact match!

120714g 120714h

After Clay Davis painted the rear tail cone last weekend, Chris and Keith were busy masking off the afterburner fuselage area and painting the feathers of the Eagle.  Many thanks to Clay who was a phone call away throughout the weekend.  Eddie Harris, who did the original air brush work on the Russ Garlow design, will be in this week to add his artistic talents and bring the bird to life.  Signs By Tomorrow of Houston South is busy recreating the sponsorship decals.  In a couple of weeks the car will be looking really good for an appearence at the 25th Annual O’Reilly NHRA Northwest Nationals  Drag Races, August 3-5th at the Pacific Raceways in Kent, Wa.  Watch ESPN 2 for an interview with Valerie Thompson and Ed Shadle. Drop by to see the car and talk with the team. 

Work continued on the parachute deployment system;  the cannisters were bolted back on to the rear axle assembly.  Brandyn brought the team up to date on the new applications being made to the webpage, including the NAE™ app that links our project information together with the Android and iOS mobile devices and the social networking sites in use today.  Look for the debut of our new iOS mobile app for iPhone, iPad and iPod by next weekend!  Just like the Android app, it will be free!

First Look At Aerodynamic Studies

Here is the first look at one of the designs being considered for the aerodynamic structures for the rear axle and wheel fairing. The work is being done by Darren Grove with the help of Mike Thoe, Rex Walter and Ron Doll.



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The work is being done on Lenovo C30 and D20 ThinkStations with 3DConnexion SpacePilot™ Pro 3D mice and AMD FirePro™ V7900 Graphic Cards.  The machines are loaded with a plethora of advance engineering software: Dassault Systèmes CATIA V5-R20, Geomagic, Pointwise Mesh Generation, Metacomp Technologies, CEI EnSight, and IMS Software.  When the CFD Solutions are run, we are using CRAY Supercomputers.

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Lenovo Video

Lenovo recently released a new video featuring the North American Eagle™.  The NAE™ scenes were edited by Steve Wallace.  Team NAE™ uses Lenovo ThinkStations and ThinkPad for engineering and for developing the website you are looking at now.  Click on the photo below and watch this exciting video.

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 Lenovo Video

Special Guests Visit The Eagle

Keith’s cousin MaryFaith Zanghi-Blank and her husband stopped by to see the 56 foot long North American Eagle™  Accompanied by Keith’s dad Russell and Patricia Alishio everyone took turns sitting in the cockpit.  When done they all took time to take another classic Zanghi portrait for the family album.

MaryFaith Russ



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Front page photos courtesy of Eric Wittler of  Visit his site to see some amazing photos of the Reno Air Races and Air Force One!  Thanks Eric!