In this update:  Fairing the rear axle; Electrical systems; On board communications; Information technology.

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Everyone present agreed this morning; the weather forecasters got it right as Team NAE lined up under clear, blue skies for today’s work at hand: Brandyn Bayes, Ed Shadle, Les Holm, Steve Rima, Von Armstrong, Chris Greene, Andrew Kirk, Sean Rondestvedt, and Omar Chramosta.

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Major projects require major efforts,  and that is happening with the fairing of the rear axle areas. Those areas are all subject to severe wind turbulence at high speeds.  The vertical strut work is pretty much complete and attention was turned toward the brake rotor assemblies.  Past aerodynamic analyses have paved the way for design models that will mitigate turbulent air flows over these areas.  The designs are being fabricated into functional assemblies and are being installed as work progresses.  Today, Les, Keith, and Ed discussed design issues.  Les took the lead in material lay out and turning the metal stock into fairings; while Keith did the wielding of the the plasma torch and cutting the parts to fit.

During tests last week it was found that the main engine generator failed and will need replacing.  That’s what tests are for.  Better now than being out on the playa without a pot to pick a replacement from.  That is another work in progress.  The two Steves, Steve Wallace and Steve Rima, are into the voltage requirements for the communication system and the hunt is on for a replacemen generator.

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“Can you hear me now?”   That was bantered about today as Ed, Omar, and the young’uns tried out the five new new ground communications equipment sets from David Clark Company. They link Ed in the cockpit with the ground crew outside, prior to his getting the”go for it” signal.

Brandyn Bayes, our amazing young webmaster, gave a power point presentation to Ed, Keith and Von.  It revealed a problem…..a good problem. Our website is getting so many visitors on a daily basis that our server is unable to keep up. We have been throttled back, increasing the time it takes to get on our websites, whether from hand helds or from your PC’s at home. Fear not. Changes are in the wind and it will be sooner, rather than later, that you will be seeing a new look and faster access to what we’re all about.  That would be record setting runs with our 800 mph jet car. We’re going places, and our loyal sponsors are along for the rides.  The links to our website, and therefore exposure to our sponsor pages, are nearly double what we  were led to believe.  The forthcoming appearences at the Seattle Museum of Flight, and the National Instruments Week in Austin, Texas, will add to the numbers.  Stay tuned and in the loop.  We want to see you there.

EAA Mount Rainier Chapter 326 Presentation

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Ed and Keith, this past week, gave a presentation to the Mount Rainier Chapter 326 of the Experimental Aircraft Association (EAA). Ed has been a long time member of the chapter and on the previous Saturday, gave rides to over a hundred kids.  The Young Eagles program is an EAA event held each year that introduces boys and girls to the aviation world…and hopefully inspires them to get involved.  This was the third presentation at the chapter from the two.  Everyone present had a good time listening to the updates and hearing about our upcoming test session in October.  Likewise, Ed and Keith had a good time listening to all 0f the airplane projects in work by the members.  We look forward to our next visit! 

NAE On Display in Seattle, WA

Seattle Museum of Flight

 Main Gallery of the Seattle Museum of Flight

For those living in the Northwest,  you will have a chance to see the 56 foot long North American Eagle™ on display at the Seattle Museum of Flight. This will be the 2nd appearance of the Eagle at the Museum.  Ed Shadle, Steve Wallace, and Keith Zanghi will be giving a presentation in the William Allen Theatre; followed by a Q&A session. We will be on display starting Saturday, July 27,  through Monday, the 29th.  Come by and meet the crew. Don’t forget to bring your camera!

NAE On Display in Austin TX


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The 56 foot long North American Eagle™ will be traveling to Austin, TX this August and will be the featured display at National Instrument Week. NIWeek delivers technical networking and instruction with interactive sessions by NI R&D engineers and guest lecturers; targeted industry summits; hands-on workshops; exhibitions on the latest advancements in design, research, and testing; and keynote presentations from leading technology thought leaders.

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Ed Shadle, Steve Wallace and Keith Zanghi will be presenting at NI Week

Past presenters include Dr. Neil Gershenfeld of MIT’s Center for Bits and Atoms, Dr. Michio Kaku of City College of New York, and Tim Samaras of Discovery Channel’s Storm Chasers. Attendees include engineers, scientists, and executives from organizations such as Boeing, CERN, John Deere, ST-Ericsson, and UC Berkeley. Join us and see the Eagle and meet the team August 5-8; to learn how you can accelerate productivity, innovation, and discovery with National Instruments.


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We have been hard at working making significant improvements and adding new features to our mobile apps.  Both our iOS and Android (Android 4.0+) apps have been given brand new interfaces as well as some brand new pages.  We hope that you like the upgrades that we have made.  If you haven’t already, be sure to download our mobile app to your Android or iOS powered phone or tablet.  We can’t wait to share what we have in store for our iOS app, but you will have to wait a little longer to see.

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