In this Update:Birthday Boy Lars; Revisiting a space program legend Scott Crossfield; Motor home damage; Tracing a leak and Microsoft big adventure.

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Another day with Team NAE:  Lars Pedersen, Steve Rima, Andrew Luck, Von Armstrong, Les Holm, Garrett Holm, Jason Mitchell, Sean Rondestvedt, Keith Zanghi, Chris Banks.  Ed Shadle and Brandyn Bayes are in Orlando!

                  Birthday Boy Lars Pedersen, the Original Norwegian Berserker!
                                  All Birthday Boys get a Billy Goat Tavern Hat

 Lars Pedersen spent his birthday at the hangar today.  Crew Chief Les Holm on our recent trip to Chicago, bought a case of hats to be given to each team member on their birthday. Today it was Lars.  Have a happy birthday Lars!

                             Brandyn Bayes and Satya Nadella, CEO of Microsoft

satya satya01 
 Brandyn, Satya and Ed during rehearsal                         Gigantic Stage
 satya02  satya04
                 How to feed 20,000 people                Satya and Brandyn rehearsing

Ed Shadle and Brandyn Bayes were on the other side of the country today attending the Microsoft Partners Conference in Orlando Florida.  On Monday Brandyn will appear on stage with Satya Nadella, the CEO of Microsoft. The two will talk about Microsoft and North American Eagle™ partnership using Microsoft Azure and Microsoft Cortana Analytics.  Look for a future in-depth update and video.

steve rima parents
Steve Rima’s parents came by to check on their boy!

                                                Bob Garrison from Idex Solutions
                                              Ray and Brenda Miller
                                     Ken Stark checks out the front office.

We welcomed several visitors to the hangar throughout the day.  Steve Rima came early and brought his Dad and Mom, Keith and Judy Rima, for a tour.  Garrett Holm dropped by and stayed for awhile to check up on his Crew Chief dad, Les.  Bob Garrison from Idex Solutions was in town and came in see the Eagle. Bob supports our Dassault Systemes CATIA software.  Brenda Miller and her husband Ray were also first time visitors. Brenda is a friend of Keith and a co-worker at Boeing. Late in the afternoon, another friend of Keith, Ken Stark, came riding up on his beautiful Harley Road King.  When Ken was a kid, he was next door neighbors with Ed!

 Von Armstrong holds up LIFE Magazine with a cover shot of  Scott Crossfield

Today Keith brought in an issue of Life magazine dated Jan. 6, 1958.  Way back when.  In it was an article that featured some our country’s early space program efforts and those of a true American hero, Scott Crossfield. World War II U.S. Navy fighter pilot and instructor, Scott returned to the University of Washington after his discharge to complete his studies in aeronautical engineering and science; and later took to the heavens as a research and test pilot with what would become NASA. He would go on to be the first pilot to fly Mach 2, twice the speed of sound in a Douglas Skyrocket.  In 1955 he joined North American Aviation to help design and build the X-15, and then flew that rocket plane more than a dozen times, testing its airworthiness and reaching speeds nearly three times the speed of sound. Those were but a few of the many engineering and aeronautical contributions Scott Crossfield made in the early stages that led to landing astronauts on the moon and returning them to earth. 

                    Ed, Scott Crossfield and Von, Febuary 26, 2006

Team NAE was fortunate to meet up with Scott Febuary 26, 2006 when our North American Eagle™ was on display at the Washington State Fair Grounds.  This was a special occasion because Scott had piloted our Eagle countless times, when it was a chase plane at Edwards AFB. He came by the display, looked his old plane over, and had  a good talk with Ed. His name is among other top test pilots that flew our Eagle and are listed on the fuselage.  They led the way to the moon and outer space and will be forever remembered.

Our workday found Lars still at work inside and out of the semi trailer, determined to get the traveling crane back in good working condition.  He felt good about what he found today and will keep on keeping on.

Jason and Sean spent time taking a wheel off the motor home and repairing the damage done from the blown out tire that happened on the way to the Shelton engine test.

Les, Sean and Keith were tracing down the source of a fluid leak and considering what steps to take to fix it.

Chris Banks returned a laptop to Keith after he updated the programs.  Thank you Chris and Brandyn for keeping our web site and computer systems in tune.

And we invite you to stay in tune with our weekly updates on our website, mobile apps, and Facebook.  We are on the way to some world record setting.  You can help with Kick Start contributions for our fall speed runs.

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