January 28, 2012

Ladies and Gentlemen:

In this week’s update: Modification and maintenance on the rear axle and front steering system; CFD Analysis continues.

Recovering nicely from the region’s recent snow, ice, and windstorms, team members Sean Rondestvedt, Tom Tiede, Von Armstrong, Ed Shadle, John Winchester, Keith Zanghi and Omar Chramosta attended our Saturday work session.


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Today’s work plan was directed toward preparing for the modification of the rear running axle assembly. This entailed removing the wheels and LevX® magnet array plates, and disconnecting the hydraulic lines and  brake temperature sensors. The assembly was photographed and parts were identified before removal to avoid reinstallation problems.

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Safety was paramount during this work day.  The powerful rare earth magnets contained in the wheel array are extremely dangerous when exposed. Jerry Lamb CEO of LevX® calls them man killers. They can inflict serious injury when tools, parts, or personal items are used improperly or in close proximity. Slow and careful were the words.

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The fine work and precision machining by two of our sponsors was noted as parts were removed. Steve Green of Eagle Machine, Inc and Jerry Lamb of LevX has provided the project a unique and proven effective magnetic braking system.


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