In this update: Parts out for paint and the shop is looking pretty good!

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Another beautiful Pacific Northwest day as Von Armstrong, Lars Pedersen, Steve Rima, Andrew Kirk, Patricia Wood, KC, David Martinson, Zac Hopkins, Omar Chramosta, Les Holm and Keith Zanghi met this week to move the Eagle a little closer to this summer’s record-breaking runs.  Working virtual this week was Brandyn Bayes, Corey Dawson and Chris Banks.  Once again, Zac Hopkins was the team member of the week, having nothing to do with his bringing the large crock pot of vegetable beef soup and other goodies!

Zac Hopkins is the team member of the week

Dave from Epic Industrial Services

A big help this week from longtime supporter of the project, Dave from Epic Industrial, Inc.  They are a hydraulic repair facility in Tacoma who have branched off into a whole bunch of service work, including the rebuilding of giant industrial water pumps and Bobcat transmissions.  They also maintain a huge inventory of o-rings.  Epic Industrial, Inc will be supplying hydraulic services repair.

Bluest skies are in Seattle!  Photo by Zac Hopkins, song by Perry Como.

A good view of the shop. Photo by Zac Hopkins

This weekend was dominated with more cleaning, sorting, and optimizing the shop.  It is looking pretty good!  This week we sent the new hydraulic door out to be painted by Corey Dawson.  Next weekend we will install it and tape it off with black and red colors.  Steve Rima cleaned up and stowed away our David Clark headsets and protective hearing.  Lars Pedersen installed some new aluminum seat stops to replace the original wood ones that were in the cockpit.  Everyone else was focused on making the shop look great.  Down south, Jessi Combs was gearing up for her King of Hammers(KOH) runs.  Ken Broyles will be sending us photos throughout the event.

Jessi Combs prepares for KOH

Steve Rima cleaned up the David Clark headsets and hearing protection

A picture is worth a thousand words, according to David Martinson

Andrew Kirk did a great job of restoring the workbench top

Andrew is very creative.  He built this box for electrical connections.

Von Armstrong straightening things up!

Eric Wittler on location at GNRS

All winners today: Tony Wood, Holly Martin, and Eric Wittler!

Meanwhile, in Pomona California, Eric Wittler was visiting the Grand National Roadster Show and preparing for the 60th Anniversary SCTA Awards Banquet.  While visiting GNRS, he ran into our old friend Tony Wood.  Tony worked for George Barris in the mid-70s and has been friends of the project since we tested the car at El Mirage in June of 2006.  Holly Martin has been helping the team with legal contract reviews.

Congratulations to all three who won big this weekend. Tony Wood won the Radical Kustom Wagon award for Moody Blues, a car that honors the late George Barris.  Holly Martin won the SCTA Vera Aldrich Award.  Eric Wittler won recognition for setting a new A/G Motorcycle record.  Eric  Almost Famous  Wittler’s adventure was documented in our May 18, 2018 update.


Justin Wood, Ed Shadle, George Barris, Joji Barris, Tony Wood, and Keith Zanghi

Eric’s trophy for setting the 1000 cc A/G record of 190.575 mph


Leslie and Jim Hoogerhyde, Pat Womack, and Eric Wittler

We say goodbye to an old friend

The White Tractor has moved on

The white tractor that has been so good to the Eagle has been sold.  It brought us far North to Fort St John BC,  South to Los Angeles California and West to the Black Rock Desert.  Jerry Lamb donated it to the project in the very beginning and has been an integral asset all this time.  In recent years the maintenance has steadily climbed.  The new owner will bring it back to life including a new paint job.  Before leaving we asked to put an Ed Shadle memorial decal on the window and he agreed to leave it there as long as he owned it.  Godspeed old truck!

Our favorite Ed Shadle photo


Ed Shadle with his Uncle, Wesley Martinson, in the restoration

It was a pink 27 Ford Model T hot rod, and  Ed’s Uncle Wesley owned it when Ed was a kid.  At age 93, the toy of Wesley’s youth ended up in a cow pasture, rusting away.  Wesley Martinson was getting older and  Ed had the idea to restore his car for him before he passed away.  Ed traveled to Eastern WA, near Wenatchee, and “stole” the car with the help of his cousin. We documented the story in our August 22, 2015 update.

We laughed when Ed mixed up a bunch of paint to restore the car to its original look.  After more than a year of work, Ed presented the car to his Uncle.  Ed was very proud of what he did, and we admired him for this unselfish act.  Two years later, Ed would join his Uncle.  We have to believe that Ed and his Uncle Wesley are riding around in that pink hot rod today!


This is the 27 Ford Model T when Ed rescued it

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