In today’s update: Overhead crane’s wheels back in service; front wheel steering box reinstalled

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A good number of team members braved the rain this Saturday’s work party: Lars Pedersen, Ed Shadle, Keith Zanghi, Les Holm, Andrew Kirk, Von Armstrong, Don Mitchell, Cory Mitchell, Jason Mitchell, Omar Chramosta, Jon Higley and Eric Helpenstell.

Les Holm, Ed Shadle with Cynthia and Nick Delaney

Les shows Nick the cockpit

Special guests today were Cynthia and Nick Delaney.  Nick is in the Jr ROTC in High School and was interested in the Eagle so Ed invited him to the hangar.  Ed gave a tour to both of them and afterwards Ed and Les mentored young Nick about the military.  Hopefully we inspired him.

New internal bridge crane drive wheels

Cory installing new wheels

Ed Shadle, Eric Helpenstell, and Jon Higley

Thanks to Steve Green and Eagle Machine, Inc in Abbotsford B.C., our newly machined drive wheels for the loading crane were replaced and promptly went to work.  The traveling axle was unloaded from the trailer and wheeled back inside the hangar. For the past four years the wheels have started slipping, degrading gradually to the point where it became a safety issue.  The crane works smoothly down the rails in every position.

Jon Higley installs safety wire on front wheels



The front wheel steering box was reinstalled after a protective shield was added to the interior wheel compartment. Jon Higley did the safety wiring on the axle bolts and Andrew Kirk followed up with the inspection.

The team spent some time reviewing the BLM requirements for the upcoming test runs

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