In this update: Some major rearranging in our shop areas;  Getting ready to burn fuel! Jessi has a Mercedes for sale!

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Today Steve Rima, Von Armstrong,  Steve Wallace, Omar Charamosta, Jason Mitchell, Zac Hopkins, and Keith Zanghi were all here to get their hands dirty.  Special appearance by Elaine and Candy Shadle.   Working virtual this week were Brandyn Bayes and Chris Banks.  Lars Pedersen was working from his machine shop.

The Eagle at the Alvord 2018 Test Session

In memory of Ed Shadle “Fast Eddie” 1941 – 2018

Erika Johnson of Summit Environmental with Eric Wittler

Earlier in the week, Eric Wittler visited one of our sponsors, Summit Environmental in Reno Nv. He presented them with a five- foot autographed photo of the Eagle being driven by Jessi Combs.  For some reason, we have a lot of people asking if the project will continue after the passing of our founder Ed Shadle late last year.  The team and sponsors are fully committed to completing Ed’s dream of breaking the 763 mph world land speed record!

Mercedes Benz G-Class Commercial with Jessi Combs

Just after our September test session, Jessi Combs jumped on a plane and headed to France to film a commercial for Mercedes Benz and their new G-Class off-road vehicle.  Click on the link above and watch the real cool video of Jessi taking the new G-Class off road vehicle through its paces!

Zac Hopkins seems to be enjoying cleaning up!

It doesn’t sound like a fun job, but this week the team had some fun with our continuing efforts to spruce up and make the shop a little more efficient.  It began with the moving of five large cabinets full of parts and support equipment.  Thanks to their built-in casters, the move went really easy. The time-consuming part was the sorting of equipment (fasteners, parachute, hydraulic and electrical components) into the right area.  We have a few weeks to go, but the end result will be well worth it.  We might be looking at an open house for the public towards the end of February?

Meanwhile, 100 miles south, Lars Pedersen was busy fabricating some new replacement parts for the driver’s seat.  The original ejection seat came with some wood (yes its true!) parts.  After inspecting them, we decided to upgrade with some aluminum ones.  We’ll show you how they look after being installed in a couple weeks.


Von Armstrong and Steve Rima fulfilling their daily workout routine!

Von and the guys position the roadster in its new show area

Keith Zanghi does know how to run the forklift

Lars Pedersen machined these pieces for the driver’s seat

Our Favorite Photo of Ed Shadle

Inter-service rivalry

It was November 11, 2017, Veterans Day weekend.  Ed (USAF) and Les (USMC) were having a little inter-service rivalry!  Ed suggested they go outside and fight, but then the two came to their senses, knowing they would regret it later, and Les with a distinct age advantage!  It was all in fun and something the team promotes in our daily activities. We very well recognize and respect all of the men and women in all branches of our armed forces, that allow us the freedom to do what we do.

Veterans Day 2017

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ss turbine decal

45,500 Horsepower from S&S Turbine Services, Ltd

Sponsor Feature: The LeMay Family Collection Foundation

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LeMay Family Collection is a long time sponsor of the North American Eagle®

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God Bless and Protect our Troops