In this update: The adventures of Ethan! On schedule for 2019 blast!

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A big group this weekend with Lars Pedersen, Omar Chramosta, Jon Higley, Cameron Shadle, Rachel Shadle, Cory Mitchell, Steve Wallace, Zac Hopkins, David Martinson, Sean Rondestvedt with Ethan, Andrew Kirk, Les Holm, Keith Zanghi, Chris Banks, and Patricia Wood were all busy getting the Eagle ready to run later this summer. Von Armstrong and Brandyn Bayes were working virtual this week.

Ethan playing in the F-104 Inlet

Ethan wins another game of hide and seek

Ethan learning how to fuel the car

Special guest this week was Ethan, who got to be a boy!  Playing games, climbing on ladders, working with tools…all big boy stuff.  He had a blast and his mother says he wants to come back next week.  Looks like we need to find some child size coveralls.

Dan and Nancy Haynes get a tour of the Eagle

Eric and Rick stopped by

It was a beautiful Saturday in the Pacific Northwest with clear blue skies and temperatures in the upper 50’s.   We had a couple of guests come by for a tour of the shop.   Dan and Nancy Haynes  are next door neighbors of Les.  They had been hearing about the Eagle for years and wanted to see the car in person.  Dan is the son of a NW Aviation Legend, Al Haynes.  Long before Captain Sully Sullenberger, there was Al Haynes!  You may have remembered him from the Sioux City, Iowa crash of United  Airlines Flight 232Click here to see a comprehensive documentary on the heroic efforts of Al Haynes.


Dan’s dad Al Haynes

We had a really productive weekend.  Les Holm is nearly done with the hydraulics bay door replacement after the original was ripped away from the vehicle at over 400 mph.  We will show you a before and after photo next week.  Patricia Wood and Andrew Kirk transferred tools into a new toolbox.  This will really help out with our tool accountability and FOD (Foreign Object Debris) prevention.  Sean Rondestvedt, Zac Hopkins, David Martinson, and Lars Pedersen defueled the car. Thanks to Small & Sons Oil Distributing for lending us some 55-gallon drums.  Cory Mitchell was busy labeling the fastener organizer trays and removing the old fuel filter.  He also cleaned up the old filter and began laying out how it will need to be plumb.  Lars Pedersen repaired a faulty fuel cap O-ring.  Rachel and Cam Shadle stopped by to see how things were running.

The guys do a Home Depot review

Rachel, Zac, and Cam enjoy some of Ed’s wine

Lars replaces an o-ring on the fuel cap

Cory labels the fastener boxes

Chris Banks was working on a Lenovo ThinkStation


The guys transferring fuel from the car


Zac and David reinstalled the fuel tank for the trailer generator


Steve Wallace, Patricia Wood, and Andrew Kirk

Our Favorite Photo of Ed Shadle

Ed Shadle mentoring Eric Wittler

In May of 2018, we were doing an engine test at our Shelton test pad.  Jessi was busy on a prior commitment so Ed had Eric get some in-car OJT.    It was a great day…the car started well and Eric did his job…he had a good teacher!

The moment Ed asked Eric if he would be interested in being a backup driver

History Channel taking shots for their show Speed Demons

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