In this update: Old brake rotor becomes new brake rotor; Generator mounting frame installed in the semi trailer

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On this weekend we had a pretty good turn out of team members.  Ed Shadle, Les Holm, Omar Chramosta, John Drury, Steve Rima, Andrew Kirk, Steve Wallace,  Chris Greene,  Brandyn Bayes,  and Ken Broyles,  spent a beautiful sunny Pacific Northwest day working on the 763 mph world land speed record challenger.  Working virtual today was Von Armstrong.

                     Wilwood Brake Rotor bolted to the mill
                          Lars facing off the rotor housing
                                         Machining Complete

During the week chips were flying in Lars Pedersen’s machine shop.  Task for the day was to convert our four piston Wilwood brake  rotor into a two piston version.  When we modified the front wheel location, we ran into a clearance issue.  No problem for Lars who spent an afternoon modifying  the old unit.

The front brake is used to hold the car when the engine is at idle.  Even at idle, the thrust from the S&S Turbine Services turbojet will move the Eagle.  The new brake rotor will be installed next week.

                        Steve Rima and Steve Wallace working on electrical systems
Installing the wheel
Wheel Installed: Now measure the gap between the rotor and edge of part
 Lars and Andrew installing the new generator mounts

Work today was divided into two areas.  Part of the team worked on installing the front wheel in the car.  We decided to make some changes after our test session in September, by moving the front wheel to the centerline of the car.  Steve Green machined the new spindle, and this weekend the crew installed it in the car for a test fit.  We found we had more work to do on the spacing of the front brake system.  So next week Lars will make up some spacer plates.

The other task of the day was spent working on the installation of the new permanent generator in the trailer.  Lars and Andrew installed the mounting frame. Dave Martinson will weld together a new stainless steel fuel tank during the week.

Microsoft WPC 2015 Keynote: NAE starts at 30:56.  See Brandyn Bayes on stage with Microsoft CEO Satya Nedella.

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