In this update: First work party of the year

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It was a busy first work party of 2017.  Les Holm, Lars Pederson, Trish Wood, David Martinson, John Drury, Keith Zanghi and Ed Shadle began the new year by installing the rear tail cone on the Eagle.

Susan West

Special guest this day was Susan West.  Normandy Park City Council Woman and former ABC KOMO-TV anchor, Susan has been a friend of the project for many years.

Eddie Harris

Artist Eddie Harris dropped by the hangar to see the team. Eddie is the artist who airbrushed the Eagle livery on the car.



Lars Pedersen has been working on improvements to our mobilizer.  During the week he has been at his machine shop, turning out details and assemblies to strengthen the wheels.  During our last test session, we had a problem with flex on the mobilizer hubs.  Lars came up with a permanent fix that will eliminate the issue.  The changes are now complete and we can mark another task off the “to do” list.




 Today’s goal was to re-install the rear tail cone.  After weeks of performing preventative maintenance following our last test session, it was time to button up the car and get to the next task.

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