In today’s update: GSE maintenance,  parachute canisters installed, belly pan sanded down for repainting

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Punching in the time clock this Saturday: Ed Shadle, Keith Zanghi, Les Holm, Lars Pedersen, Jason, Cory and Don Mitchell, Steve Wallace, Andrew Luck, Steve Rima, Trisha Wood,  Omar Chramosta, Von Armstrong.


Visiting today was Glen Galati from Electronic Dimensions of Tacoma.  Also visiting were Wolf and Pilar Czaia.      long time friends of Ed and  Team NAE.  Ed brought in a load of assorted electronic parts he had stored at home.  Glen is a retired US Air Force veteran and enjoyed his tour of the hangar and hearing the history of our jet car when it was a plane.  He carted off a ton of old parts.

Today the team did a lot of work on ground support equipment.  Time, weather, and desert dust takes its toll on everything we use.  Trish and Don re-imaged some of the Lenovo ThinkPads.



Ed finished work on the second parachute canister  and they were both put back on the car.  Lars polished up wheels again today


A years old winch was disassembled prior to some serious work required to put it back on line.

Keith sanded down the canister fairing and readied it for repainting by Corey Dawson in his home shop

Ed led a round table discussion of preparation for the fall test session.

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