In this update: Parachute canisters; Water cooled braking; Front wheel assembly; Systems tests

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Today’s work session included Lars Pedersen, Ed Shadle, Keith Zanghi, Les Holm, Trish Wood, David Martinson, Cory Mitchell, Steve Rima,  Von Armstrong, and Steve and Libby Wallace.



Earlier in the week Lars Pedersen resurfaced our front brake rotor disk to remove surface imperfections.  Following our last test session, the rotor became warped with an out of flatness measurement of 0.004… a little thicker than hair.  Today he reassembled and polished the front wheel assembly.



Ed was busy finishing up his modification of the parachute canisters.  With new  solenoids and an ignition switch relocated, the release functions worked just right.  Another static test of the steering system hydraulics proved good.  Next Saturday will see a critical review of the entire system.  Some significant modifications are necessary to bring it up to optimum dependability.



Dave and Cory filled the cooling water tank to test the brake cooling function.  A new water valve that Les installed flowed water through  the line and shut off on command.


The heavy work of the day involved the installation of the heavy underbelly canister fairings.  It took all hands, a floor jack, and big wrenches to maneuver and align the the fairings up with the bolt holes and tighten them up.

Steve Rima cleaned up the electrical compartment and lent a hand with Lars on the wheel assembly.  He also brought by his drone which will provide some real cool HD videos in the future.


At lunch break, Ed brought the team up on plans for the next test runs at summer’s end.  The never ending loop of satisfying regulations and permits, and finding the right time and lakebed locations continues.

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