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In this week’s update: Front steering box removed for new enhancements, magnetic brake cooling lines run; Leslie Porterfield on FOX News.


On the first work party of the year some of the team braved the cold clear air of the Northwest winter. Chris Greene, John Winchester, Rich Pengelley, Sean Rondestvedt, Omar Chramosta, Keith Zanghi and Ed Shadle spent most of the day staying warm by removing the front steering box. The massive steel structure which contains the front steering, front wheel, and disk brake built by Eagle Machine, Inc was designed to be easily removed in the field for preventative maintenance and inspection.

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Working closely with Hydraulic Repair and Design of Puyallup, WA, the team is in the process of making a number of improvements to the hydraulic steering system. Although functional, the new changes will make the system even more reliable and easier to maintain in the field.

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The first step was to remove the front wheel assembly, then unbolt the steering box assembly. During the process Keith was having trouble with his short arms and made a comment that “after ten years you’d  think we would have bought a creeper for situations like this.”   30 minutes later John Winchester went home and returned with a brand new creeper! Thanks John, it will come in handy.


 Keith, Ed and Sean spent most of the day fabricating some new brackets for the installation of the new components. We will have a few more details left that will be finished in the upcoming weeks.

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Due to some environmental baseline studies that could not be completed in time prior to our November test session, we postponed our 2 week test session until May of 2012.  Prior to that test, in April, the team will bring the car out and tie it down to do another full afterburner test to check all systems.


Leslie Porterfield on FOX News Car Report.


On Friday January 20th Leslie Porterfield did an interview on the FOX News Car Report. Click on this link to see the entire interview where she talks about driving the North American Eagle™

Next week we will have highlights of the AIAA Show in New Orleans that featured the North American Eagle vehicle on display in the Computational Engineering International booth.