In this Update:  Rounding up; Packing up; Loading up; Locking up…The Eagle has left the nest

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The Eagle has left the nest

Lots of team members and friends showed up at our Spanaway, WA hangar, home to the North American Eagle™.  Today was moving day; no small feat, for those on hand: Steve Rima, Von Armstrong, Les Holm and his son, Garrett, Ed Shadle, Austin Waage, Rich Pengelley, Chris Greene, Steve Wallace, Jason Mitchell, Keith Zanghi, John Drury, Omar Chramosta and Larry Martinson.

Larry, Tim, Nick and Jeff were a big help this weekend

Larry invited some much needed help for load day; his friend and co-worker, Tim Callahan (left) Nick is in the middle, and Jeff on the far right.  Those guys are big, muscular, and built for moving steel. That they did. 

Once again, the past week saw Les, Chris, Keith and Ed putting in full days and late nights at the hangar.  A lot of work needed to be completed before the car was ready for loading.  New fairing components were finished and painted, the FIM mid-wheel conversion was installed, and the rear racing axle was made ready for our display appearance in Pomona. They are almost ready to have their mail and wake-up calls forwarded to the hangar.

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Jason Mitchell installs the travel axle Les, Steve and Garrett batten down the hatches
Cousins Jason Mitchell and Garrett Holm move the race axle to the trailer

While tool chests, portable equipment and other needed items were being checked off, the big running axle and wheel assembly was removed and replaced by the narrow transport axle assembly that is required for cabling the car up the loading ramps and into the trailer.

The load/unload process is time consuming and labor intensive, as some bean counting efficiency experts like to put it.  Boiled down, it takes some time and strong backs working together at each step of the way, and some careful maneuvering of specialized equipment to get our 6+ton jet car into and out of the semi trailer. It just fits, with the nose cone off, and little spare room left.

140118cv aerial crop

Ed takes down the AERIAL Machine and Tool Banner.  It will be in Pomona next weekend.

So, at the end of the day, the beast was loaded up, the trailer locked up, and our team driver, John Drury was plotting his course down I-5, south to Pomona, CA and the Grand National Roadster Show.  Team NAE is very grateful to AERIAL Machine and Tool for sponsoring this trip.  This will be one of the last, if not the last, display venues before our big red jet car loads up for high speed runs for the world record books.

We would like to thank the Team at Signs By Tomorrow Houston South who have been busy all week making new decals for the Eagle.  They provide the final professional touch.

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 North American Eagle™ Public Display at Grand National Roadster Show!  Sponsored by AERIAL Machine and Tool.


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The Grand National Roadster Show trip is sponsored by AERIAL Machine and Tool

Fans living in the Southern California area will get a rare treat and be able to see the North American Eagle™ at the Grand National Roadster Show.  Held at the Pomona Fairgrounds, the 56 foot long Eagle will be onsite January 24th thru the 26th.  Come meet the team and drivers Ed Shadle and Jessi Combs!  Because of its size the Eagle will be on display outside the front doors of the NHRA Museum.  A smaller booth will be on display in the Grand National Roadster Show with big screen monitors. Special thanks to AERIAL Machine and Tool who is sponsoring our trip. 

NHRA Museum
The Eagle will be on display in front of the NHRA Museum of Drag Racing

 About AERIAL Machine and Tool

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Since 1926 AERIAL Machine and Tool has been a top supplier for the US Department of Defense, a distinction that continues today.  The company expanded as the nation prepared for World War II.  Sewing capabilities were added and the company began to specialize in life-safety equipment, parachute hardware and accessories, belts, harnesses, restraints and case goods.  These products remain an important part of AERIAL’s business even today.  They support every branch of the US Armed Services: Coast Guard, Army, Marines, Navy and Air Force.

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For 10 years AERIAL Machine and Tool has been supporting the efforts of the North American Eagle™.  We are proud to be associated with them!  Visit their website and see the amazing contribution they are making to our country!

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