In this update: Side door fitted; shop improvements; and celebrating our birthday boy!

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Today Von Armstrong, Steve Wallace, David Martinson, Les Holm, Lars Pedersen, Marty Jackson, Zac Hopkins, Omar Chramosta, Chris Greene, Marty Jackson, and Keith Zanghi were busy preparing the car for our 2019 record runs.  Earlier in the week, Larry Martinson and Keith were finding parts at Rollins Auto Wrecking yard.  Working virtual this week were Brandyn Bayes and Chris Banks. The two have been working on website enhancements that you will be seeing shortly.

Birthday boy Omar Chramosta

We celebrate Omar’s 85th Birthday!

Another busy day at the hangar;  but the first thing we had to do was wish Omar Chramosta a happy birthday!  Omar is a USAF retired Chief Master Sergeant and is the oldest and longstanding member on the team.  He is a regular at our Thursday morning breakfast meetings and our Saturday work details. As is our tradition, he wears the Billy Goat Tavern hat on his birthday. L-R Keith, Von, Omar, Zac, Les, Lars and Marty

Lars Pedersen was busy making mounts for our new fuel filter.  A lot of progress was made this week and he’ll finish up during the week and probably install next weekend.  Les Holm concentrated on the hydraulic door.  During our last test session at Alvord, the latch mechanism broke, completely destroying the door.  A nationwide search yielded a replacement, and today Les installed the first row of rivets.  David Martinson and Zac Hopkins were working the entire day on shop improvements.  The shop is looking pretty good! To celebrate we will open the shop to the public with an open house in late March.

Chef  Zac Hopkins prepared one of his entrees for lunch.  Yum!

During lunch break today the team watched Impossible Engineering, a one hour show on the Science Channel featuring the Rosco McGlashan project.  It was really well done and congratulations to Rosco’s team!  Although, for the record, the North American Eagle project is still on course and on the hunt.



The Team watched Impossible Engineering; featuring the Rosco McGlashan Project

Lars Pedersen at work machining a new mount for the fuel filter

David Martinson preparing the welding table


Zac Hopkins making some welding rod holders

David Martinson filling the drawers full of welding parts from Pacific Welding Supply

Spare welding machine parts from Pacific Welding

Tom Conger from Pacific Welding

David Martinson picked up a bunch of consumables and welder replacement part from Pacific Welding Supply.  Along with Zac Hopkins the two have been preparing the new tool box and building holders to store the welding rods.  Next week we will finish up and send out to the powder coaters.

Les Holm and Keith Zanghi preparing to rivet the new door to the car

Rivet guns ready to go!

Next weekend we begin the installation of the fire suppression system

Recent cleaning activities let us repurpose this rack to hold parts removed from the car

Our favorite photo of Ed Shadle

Ed Shadle at 3DEXPERIENCE® Forum in Hollywood FL

Ed was always the front man, especially when we were on the road.  The above photo was in support of our sponsor, Dassault Systèmes at their 3DEXPERIENCE® Forum in Hollywood Florida.  This particular day he was ending his cancer treatments and we thought he had licked it.  He was feeling good and decided to do the entire presentation solo, while Keith Zanghi ran the PowerPoint.

Dassault Systèmes Vice Chairman / CEO Bernard Charlès talking with Ed

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ss turbine decal

45,500 Horsepower from S&S Turbine Services, Ltd

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