In this update:  Hammer Time!; The shop gets cleaned and reorganized;  and we assemble a track dryer.

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Today a large group assembled including  Von Armstrong, David Martinson, Les Holm, Chris Banks, Patricia Wood, KC, John Drury, Keith Zanghi, Marty Jackson, Zac Hopkins, Omar Chramosta, Steve Rima, Steve Wallace, Libby Wallace, and Jon Higley.   Corey Dawson and Lars Pedersen were working from home.  Ken Broyles and Jessi Combs are at KOH (King of Hammers 2019) this week.

Keith Zanghi, Don and Jeff Brennan

Special guests today were old neighbors of Keith, who just happen to live in nearby Graham and Spanaway.  Don and Jeff Brennan got a full tour of the car and talked with most of the team.

David Martinson

David Martinson, who during the week welds up custom hot rod chassis at Art Morrison Enterprises in nearby Fife WA, was busy setting up our welding department.  He is reorganizing the department and making it more efficient.  Inventory and tool control are keys to our success and David spent some time at one of our sponsors, Pacific Welding Supply (a Central Welding Company), going through our needs.

Les Holm, Zac Hopkins, Steve Wallace, Patricia Wood, John Drury, John Higley, Von Armstrong, and Steve Rima were busy moving and building more storage racks.  Over the past month we have been making big changes to the shop, and with the work today we are through with all the big moves.  Now to get some graphics and more tool boxes.  Steve Green brought down a track dryer from Canada years ago.  Since then we removed the  Westinghouse J-34 engine off the trailer and used the trailer for our trips to Alvord.  We stored the engine in the back of the shop and it took up a lot of space.  Now the mission is to get the engine back on the trailer, hook up all the lines, and sell the dryer.  Work today consisted of moving the hard-to-handle beast outside and re-mounting it on the trailer.  In the coming month, we will attach the diffuser to its exhaust and put it up for sale as a track dryer for drag strips.


Zac Hopkins, Les Holm, and Steve Wallace


Steve Wallace, Jon Higley, and Les Holm lift the J-34 onto the trailer

Clean floors and a clean shop!

Update from the KOH 2019

Ken Broyles is visiting Jessi Combs at the 2019 KOH

Terry Madden drives the # 35 UTV

Jessi Combs, Terry Madden, and Ken Broyles are at the KOH this week.  Ken has been sending photos and keeping us informed.  Jessi and Terry are both trying to navigate the treacherous and demanding course.  Both are trying to win their respective classes.

Jessi driving her SAVVY Race truck to the races

Equally comfortable under the hood

Ken Broyles with white shoes at the KOH

Our favorite photo of Ed Shadle


Glenn Freudenberger and Ed Shadle at Bonneville Reunion

Nearly every year until a few years ago, Glenn Freudenberger hosted the NW Bonneville Reunion in Portland, and every year Ed would make the trek to hang out with his fellow Bonneville friends.  Glenn brought a lot of joy to Ed over the years!

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