In this update: Lakebed tour and a bunch of HAMs

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Today Steve Rima, Steve Wallace, Eric Wittler, Cam Shadle, Lars Pedersen, Ed Shadle, Jason Mitchell, Andrew Kirk, Von Armstrong, Keith Zanghi and Omar Chramosta met once again to work on the North American Eagle®

Les, Ed, Cam, Steve and Paul Amar

In the past week lots of things going on.  Six team members traveled South and visited some potential lake beds including the Alvord Desert.  While there we did our usual playa hardness checks, Long/Lat coordinates using Topcon GNSS and picked up our usual truckload of FOD.  Work on the car is complete. We will be doing some touchup paint in the near future and engine test at our test site located on Sanderson Airfield in Shelton WA.


Steve Wallace using Topcon GNSS

Steve and Ed using Topcon GNSS to place pits within 0.020″


Lars brought along his Polaris Quad which was very helpful


Look over there!

Lars Pedersen, Eric Wittler and Les Holm survey the lakebed

Beautiful country to stop and stretch some legs

A bunch of HAMS: KI7UNL, KI7UNM and N7STT

We are happy to announce two more members of the team are now certified HAM radio operators:  Keith Zanghi (Technician) and Steve Wallace (General). They now join Steve Rima (Amateur Extra) and Eric Wittler (General).

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The Eagle traveled to Austin TX to attend NIWeek

The Eagle uses NI data acquisition equipment to gather up to 3.2 million measurements per sec

Keith Zanghi gives keynote speech at NIWeek in Austin Convention Center

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ss turbine decal

45,500 Horsepower from S&S Turbine Serices

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