In this update:  We say goodbye to a man’s best friend:  New welders and sheet metal tools arrive!

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After taking a week off for a major snowstorm in the Pacific Northwest, a sizeable  group showed up this weekend to work on the North American Eagle®  Present was Von Armstrong, Marty Jackson, Andrew Kirk, Steve Wallace, Cory Mitchell, Omar Chramosta, Chris Banks, Lars Pedersen, David Martinson, Zac Hopkins, Jason Mitchell, Patricia Wood, Les Holm and Keith Zanghi.  Working from home this week was Corey Dawson.

We say goodbye to Bonnie(ville). We’ll meet again at the Rainbow Bridge

Bonnie seemed to know when the cameras were on

Bonneville or Bonnie as we called her at Bonneville

Bonneville at a Shelton engine test

Bonneville helps Jessi make a snow angel in the dirt

She was a fixture at nearly every test session and a magnet for people who needed a friend.  Sadly this past week, Eric Wittler’s dog Bonneville, or Bonnie for short, came to the end of her days of adventure.  She could always be counted on for a hug!  She was a man’s best friend, and she made new friends where ever she went.  El Mirage, Black Rock, Alvord, Mojave, Diamond Valley, Bonneville salt flats, and some other secret test locations are where she has roamed.  It is safe to say Bonnie had been to more fast tracks than any other dog.  Last year she was seen on the History Channel Show, Speed Demons, and was a hit with the production crew.  SCTA El Mirage attendees would often be seen looking for Bonnie.  She will be missed but fondly remembered.

Tom Conger from Pacific Welding showing David the new Lincoln Wire Feed


New Welding Tool Center

The new Lincoln 256 is a great addition  to the shop

Ready to go to work!

Pacific Welding, a retail outlet of Central Welding Supply, is upgrading our wire feed and plasma cutter.  The new machines will arrive by next weekend.  In the meantime, David Martinson is revamping the entire welding department.  A new toolbox solely dedicated to welding is in place and being filled.

Von Armstrong taking photos for the website

Newly painted door installed for a fit check before riveting

This week was a continuation of an effort that began over a month ago. We have been revamping the shop and getting things more organized.  Concurrently, we have been working on the car. The new hydraulics bay door is in place and in line for painting.  Cory Mitchell replaced the o-rings in the fuel filter.  Lars Pedersen and Les Holm drew up a design and Lars took some measurements and will build a mounting bracket during the week. We should be ready next weekend to install the fuel filter.

New Sheet Metal Tools

Chris and Matt get ready to unload

Chris, BJ, and Matt moved the heavy sheer and brake into position

The shop is looking great!

Chris Greene and his friends, Matt and BJ, brought by a couple of heavy tools. The heavy-duty sheer and finger brake is a great addition to the shop


Zac Hopkins captured a coffee cup reflection with the Buggy Whip® Photo Shoot

Ed Shadle’s memorial sticker is flying in Eric Wittler’s shop

Our favorite photo of Ed Shadle

Ed loved animals and he shared some of his greatest moments with Bonnie. (Bonneville)   The photo above was taken at Alvord  Lakebed during our 2013 test session.  Bonnie, no stranger to the camera, was ready for her pose and looking fine.  You got to believe Ed made a trip to the Rainbow Bridge to pet his old friend and to assure Bonnie that her master would one day appear.

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ss turbine decal

45,500 Horsepower from S&S Turbine Services, Ltd

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