February 9, 2012

Ladies and Gentlemen:

In this week’s update: Team travels to meet the Bureau of Land Management and Local Leaders; The Eagle is featured in Racecar Engineering Magazine and Col. Joe is in the headlines again!


This past week Steve Green, Ed Shadle and Keith Zanghi spent six days on the road meeting with Federal, State and County officials in preparation for this year’s world land speed record runs.

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On Friday the team met with the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) in Burns, Oregon. The presentation went well followed by a thorough question and answer period. Afterwards the team, along with BLM personnel, traveled South to the Alvord Lake Bed. While there, we inspected the site and traveled on the access roads leading to the playa. The lakebed looked pretty nice, but it is still about 1/3 underwater and will take a few months to dry up.



From there the team traveled to Winnemucca, NV and spent the night. In the morning they visited the offices of the BLM in Battle Mountain, then traveled South to Eureka, NV. While there, they met with the new owners of the Sadler-Brown Ranch. Doug Frazier, and his brother-in-law Dave Fent, along with ranch foreman Neal, gave the three of us a tour of the vast Diamond Valley Lakebed.


Using Polaris 4-wheel drive vehicles, the team traveled the entire lake bed. It was cold and dirty, but a very informative expedition, as we looked at the many access roads leading to the Diamond Valley playa.


On Sunday we went to the local Eureka County Airport and met the manager, John Walzl and his wife Vincie. It is a very nice facility and they welcomed our team’s use of the airport as needed for our operations. In the afternoon, we took a tour of the BARRICK Ruby Hill gold mine.  On Sunday afternoon, we convened at the Owl Cafe / Tavern to take in the Super Bowl. After explaining to Steve the fine points of American Football through the first half, he went back to the motel room, took a nap and dreamed of Hockey in Canada!



Monday morning, we went to the Eureka County Courthouse and met with the county commissioners. They liked our presentation and promised to send a letter of endorsement of the NAETM project so we can place that in our jacket for the BLM. All in all, it was a very good trip and we accomplished all the tasks we had set for ourselves. Now, back to work!!!



North American Eagle in Racecar Engineering Magazine

Team North American Eagle™ was featured in the January Issue of Racecar Engineering Magazine. You can read a preview here.

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Col. Joe in the News


Longtime friend and mentor to the North American Eagle™ Col. Joe Kittinger is featured in the March issue of The Red Bulletin magazine. You can read about Felix Baumgartner and his Red Bull STRATOS project here. Pick up at copy of The Red Bulletin at stores everywhere. (Note: In 2006, while testing at El Mirage Lake Bed, Felix visited the team while flying over the area with a friend.)