In this Update: Jessi had the Hammer;  Hangar overhaul continues; More pictures from Grand National Roadster Show; Ed briefs the Team

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Today’s work party included: Von Armstrong, Les Holm, Steve Rima, Jon Higley, Keith Zanghi, Omar Chramosta, Eric Helpenstell, Steve and Libby Wallace, Cam and Ed Shadle.

Jessi Combs
Jessi Combs wins the Spec 4700 Class at the King of The Hammers offroad race!

Well the biggest news story with the North American Eagle™ team this week is Jessi Combs; she was the winner in her class in the King of The Hammers off road race!  Driving for the Falken Tire Team, she won in the Spec 4700 class. The King of The Hammers is an off road race that combines desert racing with rock crawling. The 165 mile long race is held at the Means Dry Lake Bed in Johnson Corner, California.  Congratuations Jessi!

 As you read last week, the team continued to do 5 Ss this weekend: Sorting, Straightening (orderliness), Shining (Cleanliness), Standardizing (create rules) and Sustaining (Self-disciplining) in the hangar. With the Eagle still sitting safe in the transporter trailer at Walrath Trucking, the team completely went wall to wall to make the operation a lot more efficient.  Les Holm, Steve Wallace and Keith Zanghi are experts in the 5 Ss, an integral part of the Toyota Production System.  Next week the Eagle will be unloaded into its new space.

140208b 140208c
 Family that cleans together stays together  Steve Wallace sorts through another cabinet
140208d 140208e
    Chief Master Sgt Omar Chramosta (USAF Ret)          Jon Higley using a #4 Counter Brush
140208h 140208g
           Steve Rima and Steve Wallace                    Everything was touched
140208a 140208i
              Fun at work! Horsing around
                 Libby has the tangles!

 Ed spent some time at a swap meet and he and son, Cameron, appeared later in the day. Also visiting were Garrett Holm and his wife, Tenille. Another full day of work on the hangar rearrangement is beginning to make some headway; taking inventory of working materials and sorting through items that have served their purpose and are out the door.  Our 56′ long North American Eagle will have much more room when she is rolled back into the hangar next week.  The end of the work day saw Ed gather the team and lead a briefing on current media and upcoming events surrounding our plans for a very speedy year.

Next week we will unload the car.  Next Sunday will be the first annual North American Eagle™ ski adventure.  Eric Wittler will be up to blow the doors off of Keith and Ed on their skis…we’ll see.  All team members and friends are welcome!


 More Photos from GNRS!

140208aa 140208ab
Ed Shadle John Drury, Keith Zanghi and Steve Wallace

Onloading the car is always a combination of excitement and the feeling you just spent too much time at the gym! Everyone worked very hard and by the end of the day, were pretty well worn out!

The work is done! Thanks to AERIAL Machine and Tool
Night under the palm trees.  Ready for the crowds!
Team Barris Kustom visits the Eagle
140208j 140208l
Ed requests an autograph from George Keith escorts George
140208k 140208o
George autographs the Eagle! Tony Wood and Big Al
140208p 140208r
Ed, Doreen, and Tony Danny Thompson

 One of the advantages of being one of the featured attractions is getting to meet the other custom car builders attending the show.  George Barris of Barris Kustom, Danny Thompson and Luc De Lay from Marcel’s Metal Forming came by to talk to the team.  George brought his entourage by, led by his right hand man, Tony Wood.  Barris Kustom, better known as custom car builder to the stars, built thousands of cars over the years. George built the original Batmobile and car number # 1 sold at Barret-Jackson’s last year for $4.2 million dollars!

140208s 140208t
 Les, Steve and Libby talk to Marcel Les talks to Marcel 
140208u 140208v
            Luc, Inger and Marcel De Lay                          Future Fireman!

 Probably the number # 1 coach builder in the world, folks from Marcel’s Metal Forming stopped by to see the team.  Luc, Inger and Marcel, the day before, had just given the team a tour of their shop. It was now time to return the favor.  Luc’s son Taylor flies the Wolfe Air Camera Plane that is used to film all of the overhead shots you see on the website.  What would hot rod shows be with out Pinup Girls?  Below are this year’s top three.

Winner (White) and 1st and 2nd Runner Up

 North American Eagle™ on Public Display at the Grand National Roadster Show!  Sponsored by AERIAL Machine and Tool.

The Grand National Roadster Show trip was sponsored by AERIAL Machine and Tool

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For 10 years AERIAL Machine and Tool has been supporting the efforts of the North American Eagle™.  We are proud to be associated with them!  Visit their website and see the amazing contribution they are making to our country!

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